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To have a very large glass of wine

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EveOnline2016 Tue 25-Oct-16 11:42:02

My grandmother passed away early hours.

Don't know how I'm going to tell my DC and they are away till Friday anyway.

Feel lost and alone.

What do I do

Sparklesilverglitter Tue 25-Oct-16 11:45:18

Do you have anyone to have a chat with? Partner/your parents/friend?

Get yourself some paper and a pen and write down all the things that were great about your grandma

My rule is after 12 alcohol is fine, so raise a glass to your grandma 🍷

FlossieFrog Tue 25-Oct-16 11:45:27

I'm so sorry for your loss. Do you have any family or good friends you can talk to and/or meet up with? Sounds like you need a really big hug. flowers

EveOnline2016 Tue 25-Oct-16 11:46:13

It's 1/2 term here so all my friends are home with children.

butterproperbutter Tue 25-Oct-16 11:47:18

Do you have anyone you can call?

Write a letter to your grandmother than can be Put in with her?

And raise a glass to your grandmother now if you wish, I see no reason why not.

NoIsAnAnswer Tue 25-Oct-16 11:55:54

flowersto you.

It's a horrible experience .

I cried everyday for months. It's a good thing the DC are away, give you some time to grieve without them seeing you upset. Could you see your parents?

I'm sure a friend wouldn't mind coming round this evening once their DC are in bed?

tibbawyrots Tue 25-Oct-16 12:11:27

So sorry for your loss. flowers

EveOnline2016 Tue 25-Oct-16 13:05:39

Just spent an hour on the phone to my sister. It don't seem real.

OliviaStabler Tue 25-Oct-16 18:23:28

flowers Sorry for your loss.

My mantra is, it is always cocktail hour somewhere in the world. Raise a glass to your Grandmother wine

MeganChips Tue 25-Oct-16 18:25:41

Sorry for your loss OP.

When my grandad died, I had a glass of Apricot wine at 11am because it was his favourite and raised a glass to him.

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