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Can Somone explain to me about Calis

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Thefishewife Mon 24-Oct-16 19:32:07

Can Somone explain why activists would want to stop people getting

Food shelter
Proper sanitationšŸ˜³

Just watch the stuff about the jungle on the news and a activist whom had his identity hidden was saying this shouldn't be happening they won't allow it and it's an out rage what happening in Calis

Have I been mis lead I have been reading that the refugees are being taken to warm reaction centres with food and beds so what exactly are the activist rent a mob up in arms about

BeingATwatItsABingThing Tue 25-Oct-16 07:25:08

Because they aren't white British people. Don't try and understand ignorance and racism.

ChuckBiscuits Tue 25-Oct-16 07:29:44



Are you sure they are activists? Or racists?

NoahVale Tue 25-Oct-16 07:31:19

Am just about to read this, perhaps it might shed some light.

blueturtle6 Tue 25-Oct-16 07:32:18

I read some where it's because the centres are going to be secured, eg they will be locked in?

I used to work in a building where we would be screamed at by activists on way in to office, I doubt most of them where passionate about their cause and got a kick out of causing disruption, alarming people like myself (being jumped out at and screamed names than being pulled to safety by police officers isn't a great way to start your day).

NoahVale Tue 25-Oct-16 07:32:49

and this

neonrainbow Tue 25-Oct-16 07:34:24

I think it's better for all concerned that the jungle is demolished and these people are moved on to other areas of France. They should never have been allowed to settle there in the first place.

How do you know the clip with the activist is recent anyway? It could have been filmed months ago. The person could have been referring to France allowing economic migrants to settle close to the border and allowing them to make dangerous attempts to get into a country they have no legal right to be in as they haven't applied or have been rejected for asylum in france.

I used to be sympathetic to the people in the jungle but seeing how much disruption and riots they cause, attacking lorries and cars going about their daily business, nope. This problem has been there for years and years.

Tliev Tue 25-Oct-16 07:40:02

I genuinely don't see why they don't claim asylum in the safe countries they pass through to get to Britain. Makes no sense. They are in a sense, fleeing France to get to Britain. Since when has anyone needed to flee France?

It's not about racism - it's about common sense. If they are that desperate to get to Britain, seek asylum in one of the safe countries they pass through, settle and THEN apply to live in Britain in the same way that anyone else would.

BeingATwatItsABingThing Tue 25-Oct-16 07:48:45

People wondering why they come here.

If your house was on fire, you would go to the house next door to get water, yes? Well, what if the house next door had a glass of water and the house down the road had a hose? Which house would you choose?

Now apply this to the refugees. Would you go to a neighbouring country that can help a bit but not much or the country that can help a lot?

Tliev Tue 25-Oct-16 07:51:12

If I was travelling from hell - I'd be happy to arrive and stay at the first safe country in all honesty.

onemorecupofcoffeefortheroad Tue 25-Oct-16 07:52:08

I don't fully understand it but I thought was that the jungle camp grew because of migrants wanting to get to the UK hence the location of Calais. However with the dismantling of the camp now all the refugees are being dispersed over France especially over rural France where it's unlikely they will be accepted and treated with hostility by locals. Once they are there they must either claim asylum or face deportation. The activists see this enforced eviction from the camp as an act of brutality - there is huge fear among many refugees that they won't be given asylum in France and the outcome will simply mean deportation. Activists are unhappy with this likely outcome and see the taking away of the refugees ability to get to the UK as an affront to their human rights. Something like that anyway.

Limer Tue 25-Oct-16 07:54:27

Most of the Jungle inhabitants are economic migrants, not refugees, so they can't claim asylum.

Matchingbluesocks Tue 25-Oct-16 07:56:01

They want to come here because they want to live here. Say you had to flee and wanted to get to America and hit Canada. Canada is very nice but not where you want to live.

I don't think anyone is arguing that these people are so desperate they MUST come to Britain. They want to.

Matchingbluesocks Tue 25-Oct-16 07:57:00

What I'm shock about is the French policing our border for us. Something tells me we wouldn't do the same in a million years

NoahVale Tue 25-Oct-16 08:24:14

i wonder what brexit will mean for this?

NoahVale Tue 25-Oct-16 08:24:51

previously there was another camp, surely the same thing will happen, another camp will just be set up.
there are so many people at these camps shock

Badbadbunny Tue 25-Oct-16 08:27:36

What I'm shock about is the French policing our border for us. Something tells me we wouldn't do the same in a million years

I understood that there is some kind of agreement between UK and France where the UK pays for the French to "police our border" and allows the UK to place border agency staff and police etc on French soil.

natwebb79 Tue 25-Oct-16 08:41:49

There are many reasons as to why the refugees (and believe me, these people have fled their countries of origin for more than a few more quid in their pockets) have got as far as Calais. Firstly many speak English very well and want to make a valuable contribution to society, some have family here, many are sick of waiting for the 2 years plus it takes the French authorities to fill out any paper work while the French police pour tear gas into the camp for sod all reason. They have often travelled through other safe countries as those countries have already taken their quota or countries such as Hungary have treated them worse than rats. The stories I have heard about what they have suffered makes me thoroughly ashamed to be human. Yes some have behaved atrociously towards lorry drivers etc. but desperate people do desperate things.

Matchingbluesocks Tue 25-Oct-16 08:43:58

Yes there is a border agreement- I'm just shocked it's there. Imagine how awful Calais must be for the people who live there.

NoahVale Tue 25-Oct-16 08:45:29

i think you should spell Calais correctly op, it is confusing otehrwise

ThenLaterWhenItGotDark Tue 25-Oct-16 08:49:18

I see no subject is serious enough for the grammar twats to leave alone.

onemorecupofcoffeefortheroad Tue 25-Oct-16 08:50:05

There's an Anglo French border treaty Le Touquet which allows British officials to check migrants passports in France and vice versa. However because of Brexit that may be overturned or at least not renewed if Alain Juppe gets in and he's favourite to win power in France's general election next year. He has made it clear that he would tear up the treaty and would want the border, currently in Calais to be pushed to British soil and for the selection process to occur here rather than in France - he says it's 'up to Britain to do that job'.

charlestonchaplin Tue 25-Oct-16 09:06:26

I don't think many British people would want to stay long-term as a refugee in a middle-Eastern country or somewhere like that with a very different culture. Or somewhere quite poor with bleak outcomes. If you're looking at the foreseeable future, you'd want to get somewhere where you have family or friends, or somewhere where you can speak the language, ideally somewhere not too different culturally. If you are an economic migrant then you really don't want a language barrier but if you are purely fleeing war then yes, you would be glad to get to a safe place in the first instance. But are you and your children going to be happy with a life that has little purpose (no job, hardly any money, few prospects) in a relatively poor country swamped with lots of refugees? You'd want better if you could get it.

Huldra Tue 25-Oct-16 09:10:37

It's not a simple case of the French doing our border controls for us. There are uk border staff in France and there are border checks by French staff in the UK.

I can understand why there is a call from the mayor of Calais for the treaty to be revoked. Their economy has been hit by the camp and it has had a massive impact on the town. I can't see how revoking the treaty will make the situation go away, surely it will make it worse? There may not be an official camp anymore but it would encourage people to keep trying to cross in dangerous ways.

Gowgirl Tue 25-Oct-16 09:21:46

I saw an interview in north Devon who are up in arms as the child migrants are being moved there while they are processed, a similar centre for adults was proposed in my former area just before we moved so I can imagine the public outcry (earnley if any one wants to google).

It starts with "we don't have the facilities", then moves to "we don't have room, they will be bored, they should go to London" and before you know it there is hysteria about "crime rates, rape of our womenfolk and ruining our village".

Underneath it is about property values and rather nasty racism. At one point I believe someone invited the EDL to the protest meetings.

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