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Roselondon Mon 24-Oct-16 18:05:59

Here's a tricky one I'm a mum and pregnant again 33 weeks.
Anyway my niece who honestly has a huge ego is also pregnant my question is when she had her first DD she would not let me have a cuddle she would happily let others cuddle the baby but Not me I didn't see the baby until she was 12 weeks old.
Despite me offering to to go and see her.
This hurt because growing up we were close I would take her out and stuff.
I would treat her like a little sister.
Now her DD is four and she is expecting again she is asking why I have not acknowledged this pregnancy?
To be honest she is not popular within the family she comes across As a know it all etc.
I guess you can get over what someone did but not how they made you feel?

Mishaps Mon 24-Oct-16 18:08:07

Let it wash by - you have your own family to think of and this is your priority.

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