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Who should pay for the toilet

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marblefireplace Mon 24-Oct-16 15:20:20

When my now ex partner changed the seat on my toilet he broke a bit of the inside where the water flowed from the cistern into the bowl to flush. Slightly complicated but a plumber who was doing some other work in the house - at the end of the day looked at the toilet and filled the hole with mastic. He ran out of time and said that there was still a tiny leak when he tested it. It just needed another small bit of mastic put it to properly fix it. He is a reputable plumber - a trusted friend of a friend and he assured me that with a tiny bit more mastic the repair would hold permanently. He wasn't able to stay any longer however that day to wait for it to dry and finish it off.

I needed tiling done and a different friend recommended a bathroom fitter to me. This bathroom fitter said they could finish the toilet repair and included it in their quote. I went ahead with them and they subcontracted the work to another guy who made a massive mess of it. The tiling was awful, the edging was sharp and didn't go all the way to the ends, the job was supposed to be 2-3 days and he took 7 days. At the end he broke the toilet completely - apparently by leaning against it, not realising that it was not screwed down, even though he knew he was supposed to be lifting it to fix it and had been working alongside it and leaning things on it the whole time.

I got the main guy in and said I wasn't happy about the quality or the broken loo. I had bought an expensive brand new seat for the loo about a month ago, which was a very specific hard to find shape.

He said they would rip it all out and start again, and would replace the toilet. I asked specifically if he would pay to replace the loo, and he said he would.

So they came back and re-did parts of it, but not all. The finish is better but still not great - there are uneven tiles, trim not flush with the tiles, sharp bits sticking out still.

My friend had been letting the workmen into the house when I was out at times throughout the week, to help apparently. And at the end of the first week he said that the main guy had asked if he could pay the workman and could I give him the money. I agreed.

So on the last day that they were here doing remedial works he said to me that the main guy had refused to pay for the toilet and he had paid so that we would not be without one. And he asked me for a contribution towards the new toilet.

I now feel like I'm put in a complete position. I am still not happy with the work. I bought all the materials and I have paid the bathroom fitters a good price - more than the final quality warrants imo. And I was not aware that my friend was getting financially involved. He didn't consult me before deciding to pay for the loo himself. I would have argued it with the main guy but he appears to have just accepted it and is now pressuring me for another £100 towards the loo.
Clearly he should not be out of pocket, but I don't think it's fair to ask me when the responsibility clearly lies with the person who gave the job to an incompetent.

I called the main guy to complain today and now my friend is angry with me sad


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