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To ask if anyone has stopped the Pill not because they’re TTC but to know what they're like not on it?

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RockinInAFreeWorld Mon 24-Oct-16 14:05:39

One for the ladies...has anyone stopped using the Pill not because they’re trying to conceive but just because they want to know what they are like not on it? What has the outcome been?

Have been on the Pill since I was 19, for 10 years now (various types but Yasmin for the past 8 years). In the last year or so I sometimes feel like there’s a bit of a grey fog in front of me. It’s assorted times in the month so can’t put it down to PMS, I don’t feel depressed but just...dull on certain days, events that I have to look forward to i’ll feel happy/excited about but then a few hours later numb/emotionless and then back to happy again. It’s really subtle that it probably started way earlier than a year ago but I’m able to shake the feeling off so quickly that, up till now, i’ve just got on with it. It’s only a minor thing and may not even be Pill-related, just ‘being human’ I suppose. However i’m keen to give the Pill a break and see if my psychological state is any different not on it.

I never had heavy periods and was first put on the Pill to help clear up my skin, which it did fantastically. So one of my worries is my acne will return but I suppose only time will tell. In the past couple of years i’ve gone from someone who had no unwanted menstrual symptoms to having a 24 hour long headache (not a migraine just a dull ache across my forehead) every month the day before AF arrives and much stronger menstrual cramps. I also know my libido has declined in the past few years and, again, am keen to see if this improves without it! I feel like the only thing the Pill is doing for me is acting as contraception, potentially keeping my skin clear still, and putting me in control of when periods arrive. Planning to stop taking it when this packet is up in 7 days’ time, use apps to track my cycle and condoms as contraception. Possibly my theory is all wrong, I often think why didn’t I get these indicators in the first couple of years of taking it? Or has an accumulation of 10 years of pumping myself full of hormones now decided to manifest in these ways? However looking forward to knowing what my adult self is like without it.

If I feel good sans Pill in 3 months I may look into having a coil fitted. Have done some research and read pre-natal supplements may help regulate my hormones once i’ve kicked the Pill to the curb.

Would love to hear others’ experiences – state of mind? How long till your cycles regulated afterwards if at all? What alternative contraception did you use if any? Did sex drive increase/decrease/stay the same?

Many thanks! Soz this was so lengthy!

CinnamonTwist Mon 24-Oct-16 14:23:16

I came off Yasmine just over a year ago, as we wanted to have a baby next year (2017) and as I had LOTS of problems finding a contraceptive that worked for me (mood swings, greasy hair/skin, constant bleeding etc etc on various other pills/nuvaring/implant/hormonal coil) I wanted to give my body plenty of time to adjust to the hormones being taken away again. I completely get what you are saying about the hazy feeling, I felt like my mind was much clearer after coming off the pill. I found my skin got a lot worse before improving again (helped by mn introducing me to la Roche posay effaclar and Vichy 'anti ageing cream - which is fab for spotty skin). Another bonus side effect of coming off the pill is my libido increased massively! If you're not ttc you obviously have to be a bit careful. We used condoms until we were ready and then conceived first month without them! Hope that helps and good luck!

sillygoof Mon 24-Oct-16 14:28:01

I didn't know I even had a problem with the pill until I went back on it after having my first daughter - I pretty much instantly started having panic attacks. Admittedly there was a lot going on in my life at the time but I'm absolutely convinced there is a link between the attacks and the pill. So I stopped taking it and have never looked back. I've had depression and panic attacks for years and it just never occurred to me that there could be a connection.

I've never had a coil so I can't comment on that personally but there was a thread on here very recently about side effects from that - nothing is without its side effects!

MimiSunshine Mon 24-Oct-16 14:37:18

I did as I had also been on it for 10 years as I wanted to see what I was like without it. I lost weight (I was already very slim) and my skin was horrific. After a few months I went back on it for another few years as I hated the bad skin.

I came off it when we decided to "just see if everything was okay" I got pregnant immediately (which we were pleased about if a little 😳 ). Had terrible skin for most of my pregnancy but it's okay now

Modestandatinybitsexy Mon 24-Oct-16 14:37:47

I was on the pill for about 5 years from when I was 16. From there my pill was changed once as they discontinued the one I was on and I then had a couple more changes from moving drs while at university. From this point I had weird symptoms, mostly feeling nauseous from the point I took my pill in the morning. I spoke to the drs and their only advice was to take it before bed. But all that did was I woke up feeling sick late at night.

After university I was still feeling side affects and had moved in with now DH, we agreed that my quality of life was suffering and I should give up hormonal contraceptives. I looked into the copper coil but my period were already quite heavy. We mostly used condoms until we were ttc.

I found mostly that I felt myself again, no weird side affects. I did get rid of a sad feeling I hadn't really noticed until it was gone, but it was a definite kind of black dog feeling.

Hope whatever you decide works for you.

VestalVirgin Mon 24-Oct-16 14:57:23

I was told by an expert on gynecology who was also an oncologist, that one should only take the pill for five years in a row, at most, and then stop it for a few years. Or best not use it as long-term contraception at all. I cannot remember why, exactly, this was recommended, but it may well have been due to some accumulating side-effect.

I have never taken the pill myself, but think it is a good idea to quit taking it for a couple of years to see how that affects your wellbeing.

Happybunny19 Mon 24-Oct-16 15:09:29

I have now happily given up the pill forever. I felt increasingly depressed and my sex drive virtually disappeared. I came off the pill last summer and we decided we wouldn't worry about alternative contraception and just leave everything to chance. My mood was contributing to my relationship starting to fail, so i knew anything was worth trying to get back on track. My mood improved almost immediately and libido went back to normal in no time at all. I did however conceive instantly and we're now the proud, and extremely happy, parents to our third and final DC.

I have since been sterilized, during a c-section. For us it has been the best decision. I feel like I used to back in my twenties before the pill made me forget that I'm a cheerful, optimistic person with a very high sex drive, and I'm now in my early forties. We now have sex every day and it feels like we're a new couple again.

Badger84 Mon 24-Oct-16 15:48:28

I came off the pill after the birth of my second child due to suddenly experiencing migraines - which is a total no go on the pill. I feel as though my mood has lifted slightly, but my sex drive has not returned. I haven't made my mind up whether the pill is a help or a hindrance to me

vulgarbunting Mon 24-Oct-16 15:53:29

I came off it 4 months ago for the same reasons - to find out what my cycle is like without it. Have been on the pill pretty much non stop for 16 years. We will hopefullt TTC next year, but as my body gets used to life without hormones I am currently in a place where I get one period every 2 months, and panicking that I am either infertile, or have PCOS that went undiagnosed as it was masked by the pill (appreciate those are both fairly ridiculous assumptions to make).

While I see no issue with being on the pill forever if needed/wanted, I am enjoying learning what my body actually does without me filling it with Microgynon.

Strokethefurrywall Mon 24-Oct-16 15:55:38

I came off microgynon after 15 years because I started skipping periods and my OBGYN found growths in my womb which I had to have removed.
I was scared to come off because I suffered terribly with dysmenorrhea when younger but I was fine when off and straight into 28 day cycles.

Now have copper coil and prefer it!

DontOpenDeadInside Mon 24-Oct-16 15:57:52

I gave up the mini pill in January and I've since lost 1 stone, my libido is back to normal. I did lose quite a bit hair, so its even thinner now shock
Now it's been mentioned I've noticed I've hardly had any "foggy" days since coming off it too, where as I think I'd have a few a month before.

DontOpenDeadInside Mon 24-Oct-16 16:14:31

Forgot to say, my periods regulated themselves pretty much straight away.

Bexta147 Mon 24-Oct-16 16:19:57

I did after I ran out of pills at the beginning of the year. We weren't planning on pregnancy but it happened anyways!

But I don't think I ever want to be off it again. I thought I would quite possibly bleed to death when it was time of the month and I had heavy periods even on the pill! I constantly wanted sex (Which I probably how the pregnancy happened) it was all I thought about from the minute I woke up. I also just felt completely unstable. My mood swings were unbelievable and my temper was incredibly scary! I don't know how I ever coped before I started taking it!

Sparklesilverglitter Mon 24-Oct-16 16:23:40

I did only come off it to ttc but before I got pregnant

The periods were 100x more painful than on the pill
The bleeding was soooo much heavier
My skin was awful for the week leading up to a period
And I gained 1/2 a stone water retention near every period
I felt a bit lot angry near each period

I've now had DD and back on the pill, I love it makes me feel human

SillyMoomin Mon 24-Oct-16 16:25:33

I am curious about this. Have been on it continuously for 16 year. Never missed one. I have absolutely no sex drive, and sometimes wonder if it's the pill that has affected this. I'm curious to find out what I'd be like (and if I actually do have a sex drive! grin) but I'm far more happy with 3 day periods that are almost timed to the hour, and incredibly light to stop.

Also worried I'll get bad skin, grow hair all over me and become a vile person (secretly convinced I've got raging PMS inside and it's just been suppressed for 16 years) grin

PinkSparklyPussyCat Mon 24-Oct-16 16:25:43

I've been on the pill for 20 years and, to be honest, I'm terrified of coming off it. I originally went on it due to PMT - I ranged between being violent to being a sobbing wreck who couldn't even open a car door without crying. I decided at the point that any potential side effects of the pill were worth the risk.

I often wonder what it would be like to come off it but I'm too scared to take the chance.

PinkSparklyPussyCat Mon 24-Oct-16 16:27:13

SillyMoomin, I could have written that apart from I know I was a vile person before I started the pill sad

YelloDraw Mon 24-Oct-16 16:28:07

I switched from the pill to the injection to see what that was like as I was getting headaches. Headaches didn't stop and life felt v flat on the injection and ZERO libido.

So now I haven;t been back for another injection although haven't yet had a period.

Will see how things go!

Iwanttoseethesea Mon 24-Oct-16 16:49:06

I decided 6 weeks ago to come off the pill as have been off and on it for about 20 years ! I was taking micronor. I'm certainly not trying to conceive (I'm 45), I'm interested to see what I'm like without it

Had horrendous pmt and my boobs hurt like hell on the pill, only had one period since being off and had zero pmt and no sore boobs at all ! I'm hoping that me being irritable and grumpy a lot was to do with the pill and not just a sign of middle age - time will tell I guess.

Anyone else come off micronor ? What has it been like ?

Postitblue Mon 24-Oct-16 18:00:42

Came off it 1.5 years ago. Not ttc just in a long term relationship and wanted to know what life off the pill was like. I've dropped 1.5 stone but have been watching my weight. Sex drive has got a bit higher and skin no worse. Periods have not settled (skipping months etc - cue panic!)

Agree with PPs, feel much more alive after coming off it x

HKHKHR Mon 24-Oct-16 20:20:33

I did this and never felt better. Much better mood, less tired and regular predictable periods.

bangingmyheadoffabrickwall Mon 24-Oct-16 21:00:21


Been on the pil for a good 20 years except for the times when we conceived our DCs.

I started taking the mini pill about a year ago. Hated it.
My hair fell out - and not just from pregnancy hormones as this lasted well over a year.
Depressed with anger and sobbing involved.
Spotty skin.

It was awful. DH refuses a vasectomy and my GP has advised that if we are 100% sure of no more children then it is a 1 in 200 chance of failure for me for sterilisation and 1 in 2000 for DH. I was told 're-evaluate in 8 weeks'.

Truth is, I don't need to. I am just over 3 weeks into being 'pill-free' and I am feeling better already. My mum commented that my skin is looking better. Though i am yet to loose weight, I am not bloated. My mood is slowly beginning to improve and my hair has stopped falling out in clumps.

I see no reason to go back onto the pill when in effect, it was making my life a misery. So actually DH doesn't know that my mind is made up. I will be saying to him that I am 'done' with contraception and that if he is so bloody scared and adamant he doesn't want kids, then the time has come for him to take responsibilities.

LightTheLampNotTheRat Mon 24-Oct-16 21:07:20

Yeah. Wanted to see if it helped me lose weight. Had

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