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To use out of date lamb?

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FlapsTie Mon 24-Oct-16 13:12:10

I planned to make a curry tonight. I've just checked the lamb and it went out of date on Friday. It looks ok, and I will do the sniff test when I open it.

I'll be cooking it for about two hours. It'll be fine, won't it? Or am I dooming us to a half term of food poisoning?

rollinghedgehog Mon 24-Oct-16 13:13:29

I cooked beef that was two days out of date the other night and we were fine...

DerelictMyBalls Mon 24-Oct-16 13:15:08

If it looks, smells and tastes fine, it's fine. Enjoy your curry!

Meandacat Mon 24-Oct-16 13:15:26

I'd go with how it smells and looks. I've thrown out meat that was IN date but smelled off. I wouldn't chance it with chicken but I think lamb would be fine.

FeedMeAndTellMeImPretty Mon 24-Oct-16 13:24:45

I'd do it, lamb or beef a couple of days over, especially with long slow cooking like a curry, will be fine.
I made a nice beef one last week with beef that was 3 days over and I'm still here to tell the tale.

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