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to insist DH doesnt get me any gifts?

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cjt110 Mon 24-Oct-16 11:51:47

It's my 30th in December. 22nd to be precise. We booked to go away to Thailand, just me and him, in Feb 2017 for my birthday.

We had started to save up our spending money for the holiday and then my car went through it's MOT needing £300 worth of work doing, basically wiping out our savings for Thailand.

Fortunately, I am getting some commission this month which we can use towards it.

My husband has just sold his motorbike as he no longer uses it. He said yesterday that we should get our currency soon because the rate is dropping and he would use money from his bike sale so we can get it this week.

We went looking the other day for clothing for our holiday and I really liked a particular handbag which is £40. Dh said he would buy me it for Christmas.

I had already said not long after we booked our holiday, not to worry about getting me a gift for my birthday and christmas. A small token gift from our son would be more than enough because of the holiday.

AIBU to tell him not to get me a gift? I feel guilty(?) my car cost so much and as such he is having to use money from his bike sale (which he paid for himself) to fund part of our spends.

BarbaraofSeville Mon 24-Oct-16 11:58:52

YANBU. No point buying stuff for the sake of it or tenuously linking purchases to a particular event.

If you see a handbag months ahead of Christmas, why not just buy it, rather than counting it as a Christmas present? Doesn't that seem a little odd, when you think about it rationally?

Life is so much more simple that way - just buy what you want/need as and when you need it (within budget obviously) and for Christmas just buy each other a box of fudge or a bottle of cava or anything else that costs not very much and is a little treat.

cjt110 Mon 24-Oct-16 12:09:11

My intention was to buy it myself anyway - From my ow monthly monthly, as a new handbag, for our holiday but also to get rid of my numerous shitty ones. I might set a budget for token gifts for us both for £20. Makes us get inventive at least. May even say £10!

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