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To be frustrated that my bedding is ruined after less than a week from a bleach leakage.

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40somethingwonderful Sun 23-Oct-16 15:05:42

Went to my local discount store this morning and bought some items, I bought several items of clothing for my sons birthday and also one of those bleach pens for clothing and grouting. When I came back I said to my daughter can you put them upstairs in my bedroom (so my son didn't see it) she put them upstairs on my bed.

When I went up an hour later to put it all away I noticed that there was an orangish stain on my new bedding, on further inspection the bleach pen had leaked through the packaging and had ruined my bedding and the sleeve of one of the items that I bought my son (luckily three other items were fine)

I took it straight back to the shop immediately, and I was refunded for the bleach pen, when I tried to exchange the hoodie he said he could give me a 10% discount, I said no because my son wouldn't wear a hoodie with an obvious bleach stain on the sleeve! After a discussion he agreed I could exchange it (which I did), but said that there is nothing that they can do about my ruined bedding.

I had totally forgot about the beach pen, but I would had hoped the packaging would have protected it from leakage.

I did ask to speak to the manager, but it was his day off and I was served by the assistant manager.

Just frustrated that it took me a little while to find some snuggly bedding in the right colour, and it's ruined after less than a week.

40somethingwonderful Sun 23-Oct-16 15:13:22

Sorry, thought this was it chat 🙈

ConvincingLiar Sun 23-Oct-16 15:13:58

Might be worth pursuing. Try head office with evidence?

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