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To ask if there are any virtual assistants or home audio typists etc on here?

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Virtualcareerchanger Sun 23-Oct-16 13:58:08

I have worked as a PA for nearly 10 years now, before that I was a receptionist. I have admin and audio typing qualifications. I'm currently on maternity leave with my first child and have been looking into setting up as a virtual PA or audio typist. My dd is 6 months old and sleeps 7pm-6am at night (but only takes cat naps in the day) so I was thinking I could work 7pm-10pm 5 nights a week. Has anyone been successful in doing anything similar?

Rarastar Sun 23-Oct-16 15:07:03

Bump for you OP as I'd also be interested in hearing people's experiences of this!

Blingygolightly Sun 23-Oct-16 15:22:11

I am not one, but have a virtual PA. With the hours that you are proposing, the problem I foresee is that people will want you to do stuff during the day, because you will need to connect with others during their business day. If you google home PA or virtual PA, you should get different ones come up and maybe you can talk to one of them? Would give you mine but don't want to be outed!!

Hope I haven't thrown cold water on it, and someone can come along with more positive sounding advice!!

Virtualcareerchanger Sun 23-Oct-16 16:10:55

Sorry that should say on maternity leave with my second child in my original post. So I also have to factor in the school run. I think I could check emails in the day but that would be about it.

MooseyMouse Sun 23-Oct-16 17:53:52

Could you work for someone in another time zone? The hours might work then.

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