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Halloween party with fire

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LovelyBath77 Sun 23-Oct-16 11:20:21

I've been invited with my seven year old to a Halloween party with a 'fire pit' to cook marshmallows on. To be honest I'm a bit worried about it, as the children will be dressing up, in case they could catch fire. AIBU? They usually just go trick or treating with their cousins.

DolomphiousDuck Sun 23-Oct-16 11:23:00

I agree. Costumes and fire are a terrible combination.

myownprivateidaho Sun 23-Oct-16 11:23:55

100% definitely no flammable costumes!!!

LovelyBath77 Sun 23-Oct-16 11:28:57

I think it's not a great idea. They've invited the parents as well so i guess that's because we're meant to be responsible for them..but mums will be chatting etc. Thinking we might stick to usual plan of seeing family, but he's been invited now argh. Not easy is it. Yes, I think we have a pumpkin outfit which would probably be flammable and or he sometimes goes as a ghost in a sheet which is also not good! So I guess it means finding a new non-flammable outfit or not going.

mycatstares Sun 23-Oct-16 11:31:42

How old are the children?

LovelyBath77 Sun 23-Oct-16 11:35:03

7 and 8

ClaudiaWankleman Sun 23-Oct-16 11:37:56

Halloween costumes are very unsafe around fire. I would be nervous too, especially if there is going to be alcohol for the parents!

Hobbes8 Sun 23-Oct-16 11:40:18

Could you get him a skeleton onesie or similar? Something with no floaty bits that could catch.

smellyboot Sun 23-Oct-16 11:40:45

Even thinking about it scares me. Flappy witches costumes and naked flames.... Never. Happy for my DD to it repeatedly at beavers but in controlled circumstances and not silly cheap nylon clothes

Hobbes8 Sun 23-Oct-16 11:43:17

This is 100% cotton

Apart from the nylon costumes, I'd say 7-8 is old enough to cook marshmallows on a fire. I was doing that at brownie cook outs at that age.

LovelyBath77 Sun 23-Oct-16 11:45:00

He has got a skeleton onsie but wore it before...hmm yes some of the children in that class are a bit wild as well. Wonder if i should mention the fire worry to the mum or not. I have experienced a toddler party where a child got scalded due to a coffee pot being left too low down, which was horrible. they had to call an ambulance and child taken to burns unit. So it can happen. The way the parents are all invited as well, as if responsibility being given over.

LovelyBath77 Sun 23-Oct-16 11:46:11

Yes i think the cooking and fire is OK, in fact they do this at school as well and forest school, it's the party / outfit combination which worries me. they said about a 'fire pit' what is that i wonder?

DolomphiousDuck Sun 23-Oct-16 12:10:44

Actually I would mention it, because if the worst was to happen there is a risk of them being sued.

BummyMummy77 Sun 23-Oct-16 12:13:32

Last year a two year old girl over here caught fire walking past a pumpkin. She nearly died and spent months in intensive care and now is disfigured for life.

It's a terrible idea.

PixieMiss Sun 23-Oct-16 12:13:53

I would mention it.

Remember Claudia Wilklemans daughter, her costume went up in the blink of an eye it seems.

Aeroflotgirl Sun 23-Oct-16 12:32:45

Extremely bad idea with the flammable costumes, and what happened to Claudia Winklemans dd costume when it caught fire on a lit pumpkin.

SpuriouserAndSpuriouser Sun 23-Oct-16 12:39:12

At the risk of coming across as neurotic, I would mention it to the parents holding the party, maybe they are aware of the risk and an adult (not dressed in a costume) is going to do the toasting or something. Otherwise I would be really unhappy about the set up.

VivienneWestwoodsKnickers Sun 23-Oct-16 12:46:19

A firepit may be well enclosed, have a Google for images.

That said, I agree the costumes near any fire would worry me too. I'd definitely mention it to the mum.

LovelyBath77 Sun 23-Oct-16 13:51:55

Just checked the invite and it mentions wine for the parents and they are having a fire- so all the parents should be aware.

Ditsy4 Sun 23-Oct-16 13:57:56

I would mention it in case they haven't thought about it. You a re right to be concerned it is a mad idea but not all parents are safety conscious. It would just need a spark to start a fire.

Sirzy Sun 23-Oct-16 14:05:54

I have just read an article on the Liverpool echo website about the risk of Halloween costumes and fire.

I am not normally one for interfering but on that one I think I would need to say something

Aeroflotgirl Sun 23-Oct-16 17:04:45

I have googled, some firepits have covers, are you going to ask the host if its going to be covered, that it should be if not.

Smrendell Sun 23-Oct-16 17:39:43

People keep mentioning flammable costumes, where are you buying your costumes?

The only places I'd be buying mine would be legitimate places and not cheap from a pop up shop or online. Most places by law have to test all the costumes and make sure they are non flammable before they can even consider selling them.

YouMeanYouForgotCranberriesToo Sun 23-Oct-16 18:11:40

Just watching the video of claudia winkleman talking about her daughter made me cry last year, she was talking about it so other parents knew the risk. I would definitely mention it and ask what their plan is.

WeirdAndPissedOff Sun 23-Oct-16 18:17:05

Smrendell - if I recall correctly Halloween costumes are classed as toys rather than clothing, so aren't tested quite as strictly.

As others have mentioned there was an intreview with Claude Winkleman a couple if years ago after her daughter's costume caught fire - I believe it came from a supermarket. (Tesco?)

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