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To think computer games that can't be paused or saved are a recipe for stress! (

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multigrainhoops Sat 22-Oct-16 08:10:01

DS (10) loves which gives him a never-ending supply of free online games. But it seems many of them can't be paused, and even if the gameplay can be paused, then most of them seem to continue playing annoying music in the background. Shutting down the browser loses his progress forever because there's no login as far as I can tell.

So if he needs get back to Real Life, or switch browser to do something else, he leaves the games running in the background, and mutes the computer (we've tried muting the individual browser window but it doesn't seem to work).

Obviously this slows down the computer, especially when he has several games running at once, and a muted computer is no good if you want to listen to something, so I often close them down. Naturally he gets pretty cross about this. Sometimes I tell a white lie and say the computer had to shut down to install an update.

Am I missing something here? Why no login? I've no idea what the rationale is behind MaxGames because they don't even seem to have an "about us" section.

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