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Stand up to cancer and animal testing

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OoerBlah Sat 22-Oct-16 00:33:02

First of all, I'm genuinely sorry for anyone who has lost someone they love to cancer. But I've been watching this thing and feeling increasingly uncomfortable. Initially it was just that cancer is so incredibly difficult to treat even after all these many years of research that it just seemed so mawkish and pointless.

But then I realised where all these millions of pounds will ultimately be going - to fund research which will no doubt be on millions of defenceless innocent animals and for what? Haven't we been doing that for years already and where are we.

People die. All species die of any number of illnesses. Why do humans feel entitled to use other species so mercilessly in the vain hope of prolonging our own lives?

Anyway. Sorry, but I'm not contributing to the further mass genocide of creatures who in no way deserve to live and die solely for human benefit.

stopfuckingshoutingatme Sat 22-Oct-16 00:35:23

But then I realised where all these millions of pounds will ultimately be going - to fund research which will no doubt be on millions of defenceless innocent animals

Have you got any proof you can link ? Genuine question.

alwaysconfused43 Sat 22-Oct-16 00:49:41

They've expanded life expectancy of people diagnosed with cancer in the last 40 years by over 10 years. Is that not saying where going somewhere in the right direction? 10 years is along time are those 10 years not meaningfull? If you watched the video of the little boy going through cancer treatment after his mum just dying imagine if (in a few years time) we could give those few extra years it could've meant that mum was there for her little boys cancer treatment. Is that nothing to you!?

39up Sat 22-Oct-16 00:53:01

I hope the OP doesn't use any modern medicine then if she is so anti medical research.

stopfuckingshoutingatme Sat 22-Oct-16 00:54:46

I am flirting with vegan ism - for many reasons . But honestly - I have no qualms about animal testing in this case

Littleallovertheshop Sat 22-Oct-16 00:55:54

40 years ago testicular cancer was a death sentence. Research found platinum and now the chances of survival can be as high as 95%.

U2HasTheEdge Sat 22-Oct-16 00:57:00

You are really stupid to start this thread. Insensitive too.

So many people here have lost people to cancer, some have lost their children to cancer, how do you think it will make them feel to read this?

It's probably one of those opinions you should keep to yourself.

People do die, but children shouldn't be dying of cancer, my children shouldn't have lost their young father to cancer. People will always be more important to me than animals. I don't like the thought of testing on animals, no one probably does. But if it helps prolong the lives of people like that young boy, his mother and so many like him then so be it.

Cancer mortality rates are improving and those couple of years extra my children got with their father meant the world.

purplefox Sat 22-Oct-16 00:57:13

Would you prefer we made no scientific or medical advancements just for the sake of some mice?

Jeezypeepers Sat 22-Oct-16 00:57:56

Many forms of cancer are now entirely curable. I think that some humane testing on animals is a small price to pay for that. What if that wee boy was your son? Would you rather your child died for want of a cure so that a few guinea pigs had a happier life?

SansasEscape Sat 22-Oct-16 00:58:15

I'd kill the animals myself if it meant that Mum was ok.

U2HasTheEdge Sat 22-Oct-16 01:02:48

I'd kill the animals myself if it meant that Mum was ok.


That's the thing isn't it? It might be easy for the OP to have her views.

She may never have had to hold her child while they are dying, or watch her children cry over their dad's body or never lost a close relative to cancer.

I suspect OP is a goady fucker because no one with an ounce of empathy would think this thread was a good idea. The 'I'm genuinely sorry for anyone who has lost someone to cancer' is just trite shit.

stopfuckingshoutingatme Sat 22-Oct-16 01:06:55

I don't think Op has lost someone to cancer yet tbh

MsMims Sat 22-Oct-16 01:16:23

I don't think the OP deserves such a hard time, it's not such a ridiculous thought that we shouldn't be using other sentient beings for our own benefit. Just because we are able to use and abuse their rights to life and freedom doesn't mean we should.

The sneering about it only being mice and guinea pigs is misplaced too. Kittens, cats, puppies, dogs, primates are all routinely tested on then killed once they've served their purpose.

Twogoats Sat 22-Oct-16 01:17:00

Most people are against animal testing for make-up/cosmetics because there are moral alternatives.

The medical testing is a tricky one. I am against it, but then I wouldn't be alive myself without it...

PoppyPicklesPenguin Sat 22-Oct-16 01:20:12

I wonder if the OP has ever eaten a chicken because that industry's cruelty is far worse than testing on animals for medical purposes. Boy chickens are killed at a day old.

I am totally against animal testing for beauty purposes, but the animals used in medical testing IMO are often treated with much more respect than those in the battery/non organic farming industry.

My family has been hit by cancer way too many times, and I'm incredibly grateful to those scientist who work to find ways to improve things. I posted recently on another thread but we now have a vaccine that is given to young girls that stops 70% of the HPV that caused cervical cancer

joshlymanlover Sat 22-Oct-16 01:30:27

I'm vegetarian for ethical reasons but am ok with animal testing. I don't like to really think about it and guidelines need to be strict but it's. a necessity until eating animals IMHO

bakewelltarty Sat 22-Oct-16 02:01:30

I assume you feel the same about taking pets to the vets to be treated for any illnesses they have then op? Apparently we 'all have to die of something' so why bother.

I think you also need to read up on cancer research and the strides it has taken in some cancer treatment is you really think it is 'mawkish and pointless'.

verystressedmum Sat 22-Oct-16 02:10:12

When your child is diagnosed with cancer no doubt you'll not be bothered there's no treatment because, hey we're all going to die anyway.

Until you've been in that position, as I have been, then keep your fucking mouth shut.

AVirginLitTheCandle Sat 22-Oct-16 02:17:58

to fund research which will no doubt be on millions of defenceless innocent animals and for what?

To save more human lives.

You know with humans obviously being more important than animals and all...

AVirginLitTheCandle Sat 22-Oct-16 02:18:58

then keep your fucking mouth shut.

That is really good advice.

OP, listen to this poster. They know what they're talking about.

AVirginLitTheCandle Sat 22-Oct-16 02:20:15

I've just read my last two posts back and realised they sounded sarcastic blush but that wasn't my intention. I was being sincere.

AVirginLitTheCandle Sat 22-Oct-16 02:21:51

Kittens, cats, puppies, dogs, primates are all routinely tested on then killed once they've served their purpose.

And I'm okay with that.

I say that as an animal lover who has two cats, two guinea pigs and a hamster who are all very well looked after and probably slightly spoiled and pampered...

ladylanky Sat 22-Oct-16 02:37:45

Animals are useful and delicious. I'm happy with both those uses

ollyollyoxenfree Sat 22-Oct-16 03:02:08

So you wouldn't take anticonvulsants if you had epilepsy? No insulin if you developed diabetes mellitus? And you've never used paracetomol/ibuprofen/aspirin for pain?

All drugs are tested on animals and there is, unfortunately, no way round this

ClaudiaJean2016 Sat 22-Oct-16 03:15:39

It's not just drug testing. Animal work is critical for figuring out what to even target with a drug, and for almost all aspects of scientific discovery that don't involve drugs. Surgeries all have to be done on animals first. Anything your vet uses to help your pet will have been tested on animals first. Unless you want to stop all medical treatments of all forms, and give up on almost all scientific discovery, animal testing is an unavoidable fact of life. It's also not saving animals to stop it as they are specifically bred for purpose. They wouldn't exist if there was no animal testing.

Researchers also are very controlled with the animal work they do. Everything is very tightly regulated and you can only have as many animals as you need, you can only have animals if there is no other way to do the work, and you can only handle animals if you have gone through extensive training on housing handling and sacrificing them humanely.

If we didn't test on animals, we would probably be extinct by now.

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