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To feel uncomfortable with this stand up to cancer a thon

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PlayOnWurtz Fri 21-Oct-16 23:21:00

It's just gay men perving over pretty men isn't it. Imagine if women were asked to strip or were told people would be queuing to see them because they were good looking.

I get what they're trying to do but feel how they're going about it isn't right

Alabastard Fri 21-Oct-16 23:40:50


SheSparkles Fri 21-Oct-16 23:43:09

Today I was at the funeral of a dear and very close relative who died of cancer.
I don't see what these photos are trying to achieve.

BIWI Fri 21-Oct-16 23:44:24

Have you watched any more than just that short segment though?

It's not like that at all.

ImperialBlether Fri 21-Oct-16 23:44:47

Yes, I'm bewildered at times.

It's so upsetting here those personal stories. I've been crying, especially with the little girl whose poor mum had to accept it was time for her to go. Really awful.

BIWI Fri 21-Oct-16 23:44:52

And FFS - just donate a tenner. Why not?

ImperialBlether Fri 21-Oct-16 23:45:31

And the little boy, earlier, who was going into the scanner. His mum had just died of cancer and then he had it. God, it's so hard for those poor families.

APlaceOnTheCouch Fri 21-Oct-16 23:46:35

Are you talking about the part where they didn't actually strip because they were wearing about 5 layers? confused
I'd agree the tone of that section was a bit misguided but it's the personal stories that I'll remember from tonight not Alan Carr shouting 'willies'

mintthins Fri 21-Oct-16 23:47:02

So donate and then change the channel or go to bed.

PlayOnWurtz Fri 21-Oct-16 23:48:49

Yes I've been dipping in and out.

Joe Lycett perving over the pair on "the island", Alan Carr and the get them out of their clothes and boy George over the Dr.

I know what cancer does, ive lost several relatives to it. I just find this -athon a bit I don't know. Wrong.

Like I say, put women in that situation. Baying for them to strip...

PlayOnWurtz Fri 21-Oct-16 23:49:37

Yes I know they didn't strip.

No I won't donate. I will and do donate to the hospices that cared for my relatives

MumOnTheRunCatchingUp Fri 21-Oct-16 23:50:06

Well how would you do it then?

BIWI Fri 21-Oct-16 23:52:30

Do you have a problem with the gays then? Is that it?

ImperialBlether Fri 21-Oct-16 23:54:26

The fact is that they're more than £10m better off at 11pm than they were at 9 pm. That's their reason for doing it, ffs.

PlayOnWurtz Fri 21-Oct-16 23:54:57

No I don't have an issue with gay people. I do have an issue with objectifying people though. Like I say. If they were doing it about women there would be outrage

PoppyPicklesPenguin Fri 21-Oct-16 23:58:13

I'm watching an hour behind so am just at the point where Alan Carr is shouting WILLIES.

The men are wearing about a thousand layers and yes it is double standards because if it was women it would raise a few eyebrows considering they were wearing about ten thousands layers and the men obviously consented to this, knowing they wouldn't actually have to show their penis on national TV - I really can't see an issue.

Cancer is an evil evil disease, and if it raises money to help go towards research then I'm glad that C4 do this.

pieceofpurplesky Fri 21-Oct-16 23:58:25

Boy George was hardly perving. He just said the doctor was handsome. Which he was. And that he imagines the doctor has lots of patients.
Nobody stripped / one fully dressed one took his top off.
The goggle box clips have been great and Adam Hills is just fab.

Nicknacky Fri 21-Oct-16 23:59:08

It's too raw for me. My mum died last week of cancer and we went to B&Q where we had a coffee and there was leaflets on the table. I went for dinner with family in Saturday and money for the main course was donated to cancer.

I'm being utterly selfish because of how I feel right now but I can't even go for a coffee without being reminded for my mums death. And now everyone is changing profile pictures on fb.

Just donate without all this. I'm probably mega unreasonable but it was even too much for my mum when she was lying in hospital trying to watch to as a distraction.

Bananasinpyjamas1 Sat 22-Oct-16 00:02:10

Just wanted to say I'm really sorry about your Mum nicknacky

WorraLiberty Sat 22-Oct-16 00:02:24

So you're happy to watch the evening's entertainment but you're not happy to donate?

That's your choice obviously but it's a bit rough to then sit about on the internet, criticising the fundraising efforts.

Nicknacky Sat 22-Oct-16 00:03:28

Banana, thank you. I've been watching sky all night to avoid it.

MumOnTheRunCatchingUp Sat 22-Oct-16 00:03:31

There's always one though isn't there....always onehmm

MumOnTheRunCatchingUp Sat 22-Oct-16 00:04:34

nickynacky I'm sincerely sorry to hear about your mum. Take care of yourself

APlaceOnTheCouch Sat 22-Oct-16 00:05:33

I don't think there would be outrage if it had been women tbh because they were wearing lots of layers which was the comedy part
I think the sections with the doctor teaching Davina how to check for various cancers were excellent. And the short coin toss clips were very effective too.

personally I don't like Adam Hills so those were the sections when my attention drifted

BIWI Sat 22-Oct-16 00:05:51

But you obviously have an issue with humour. Because that's what they're doing. Nobody actually stripped off. And if it was women, they wouldn't have stripped off either. That's the whole point!

Don't watch. Turn over. Don't donate if you don't want to. But don't moan about something that's already raised over £10m.

My mother died from cancer. She was only 66, and was full of life and had so much more living to do.

Anything that would help other women to not have to go through what she did would be welcome.

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