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To ask what's in your teens rooms?

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FirstworldprobIems Fri 21-Oct-16 17:49:56

DD and DSD have been sharing a room so what they had before was very limited as there wasn't much room. DD is now moving into her own room and insists she needs all this stuff that I'm really not sure she does.

Happy to get her everything she needs but need to have some sort of idea of what's a standard room first.


Lilaclily Fri 21-Oct-16 17:51:12

What stuff does she say she needs ?
Ds has a bed, cupboard, wardrobe and desk

No pc or TV in the bedrooms

ghostyslovesheep Fri 21-Oct-16 17:52:17

Dd1 - 14 - has a bed, wardrobe, chest of draws, side table and dressing table

DD2 - 12 has a bed, wardrobe, chest of draws, cube box thing and some gerbils!

BackforGood Fri 21-Oct-16 17:53:08

Do you mean furniture?

bed, wardrobe, drawers, desk/workspace, chair, bookcase or shelves

or electronic stuff?

My dc each have their own lap tops.

Euphemia Fri 21-Oct-16 17:53:21

Wardrobe, etc. for clothes.
Old TV she never watches.
Bedside table with lamp and alarm clock.

ghostyslovesheep Fri 21-Oct-16 17:53:56

oh they both have a TV, phones and lap tops! (bad mum that I am !)

ILoveAGoodBrusselSprout Fri 21-Oct-16 17:55:36

Bedside table
Fitted wardrobe
Book case/shelves
Chest of drawers
Desk and chair
Full length mirror

And a shitload of absolute crap that occupies ALL available floor space!! oh sorry, different thread grin

RJnomore1 Fri 21-Oct-16 17:56:14

Well I would be a terrible mum by mn standards. My 16 year old has a cabin bed, a small table, stand for her guitar, electric drum set, three bookcases, an ottoman, a small sofa, tv stand, two tvs and an xbox.

I am not sure what you are wanting to know about - is it how much furniture, whether they are allowed gadgets, clothes and shoes....?

smrendell Fri 21-Oct-16 18:01:17

Just furniture? or things like TVs and electronics too?

Arfarfanarf Fri 21-Oct-16 18:03:51

Mine share a room but really whatever youve got in one youll need in the other surely?
bedside table

My kids have got their beds, desk, chair, fitted wardrobe, bookcase, under bed storage, built in cupboard, tv each, consoles, toys and games

FirstworldprobIems Fri 21-Oct-16 18:05:00

All things. She's made a long list of all sorts she would like.

The main thing really being her the room she's moving into doesn't have a tv point and although we will eventually get one she reckons she needs one before she can stay in there as she spends all her time there and doesn't like what we watch downstairs.
Also flooring? Carpets for a teenage girl don't seem a good idea.

Dreamfrog Fri 21-Oct-16 18:05:05

Double bed,
Dressing table and mirror
Chest of drawers
Bedside cabinet
Throws and cushions
Fairy lights

FirstworldprobIems Fri 21-Oct-16 18:06:46

whatever youve got in one youll need in the other surely?

The others are boys and aren't bother much about what's in their rooms and all work so buy things they really need themselves. Step daughter is happy to do whatever with her room as she stays at her boyfriends most the time.

soyvanillalatte Fri 21-Oct-16 18:07:29

Double bed
built in wardrobe
chest of drawers/side table
bean bag
lots of crap
no tv or electronics

He has a separate study with his desk, chair, shelves, whiteboard etc

Bluebolt Fri 21-Oct-16 18:07:38

Mine have what you would expect in an adults room, double beds, drawers, bed side table, tv and gadgets and one has a sofa the other has a chair. We have a study area downstairs as they get easily distracted with their phones in their rooms. The mainly watch tv on demand so no need for aerial.

pipsqueak25 Fri 21-Oct-16 18:11:49

the usual stuff, but a couple of litres of holy water to slosh about is advisable in my dc's room, some of it is really grim !

Thefishewife Fri 21-Oct-16 18:12:47

16 ds here

Bed , wardrobe , desk ,stero,chair lots of crap and loads of books no laptop , or PC we don't WAnt him watching porn all night or gaming until the wee hours

PC in coummal area is the best way to stop teen misuse of Internet

ThroughThickAndThin01 Fri 21-Oct-16 18:15:29

Double bed, carpet, wardrobe, chest of drawers, desk, chair, laptops allowed for older teens but 16 y o taken off him on a school night at 10.

Itrytoohard Fri 21-Oct-16 18:15:38

Ds19- Super king bed, bedside table, fitted wardrobe with mirrors, gaming computer, desk obviously for his computer, telly, sky box, Xbox, dressing table and mirror for his girlfriend and I'm going to include chest of drawers but there actually part of the fitted wardrobe.

Ds17- King bed, computer, telly, sky box, DVD player, wardrobe, a desk, drawers.

DD16- King bed, bedside table, fitted wardrobe with mirrors and drawers, dressing table with mirror, telly, sky box, desk, mac and MacBook.

We made the rooms as comfy as possible as that's the only space that is theirs and only theirs.

BowieFan Fri 21-Oct-16 18:16:08

DS1 - Bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers, bedside table, desk, two bookcases and his TV, Blu-Ray player and PS4, his electric guitar as well as his keyboard and a few other little instruments he uses to make music.

DS2 - Bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers, bedside table, desk, bookcase, reclining chair, record player and his easel which he paints watercolours on. TV, DVD player and his Xbox as well.

Clickclickclick Fri 21-Oct-16 18:17:05

Ds (12) has two chests of drawers, a clothes/coat rail, book case, TV, bedside locker table thing, a few lamps, some framed cartoons and photos on the walls, a collection of cards and tat, about 15 cactus plants, under bed storage full of sentimental stuff and some toys and gadgets and a mountain of clothes that he never bloody puts away when he's told to

BowieFan Fri 21-Oct-16 18:17:28

Oh and they both have laptops which stay in their rooms overnight (they're very good at self-regulation). DS1 has a desktop as well which has special software and stuff for his music.

<Runs away>

Clickclickclick Fri 21-Oct-16 18:17:46

Oh, and a bed. It's double, but he sleeps on the outside edge.

CHJR Fri 21-Oct-16 18:20:05

Maybe if you have an extra room put a second TV there rather than in her actual room? You can claim it's handy in case mum and dad also want to watch different things, or for guests. With Wifi and smart phones we're fighting a losing battle but it's good to keep half an eye on what they see online and on air? Besides if she gets her own TV won't DS also get one, and that starts to get a bit... silly, no?

Oooo -- make sure she has an alarm clock AND a wall clock. If she's anything like my teenager she won't be very good at getting herself up and going in the mornings, right?

Ollycat Fri 21-Oct-16 18:20:32

My ds and dd have:

Double Bed
Wardrobe / chest of drawers
Dressing table (dd)
Mountains of crap (dd)
Bedside table
Bedside light
Fitted carpet

Chromebook (they have to have these for school)
Phones - varies whether these are allowed in room over night

TV and XBox in their sitting room downstairs.

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