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Is there any point calling the police for racism

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starboyz Fri 21-Oct-16 13:25:57

Just had an incident in south east london. Was in a car war ironically with a black woman a white man came to my window (nothing to do with this black woman) and told me to move he was with a white woman. I then said the woman is in the wrong and he called me a black cunt and said how black people smell ect.
It was so fucking random I said why do you think its acceptable to racially abuse me over a car incident which doesnt even involve you and he carried on talking about black people.
I also said to him how if i was a black boy he wouldnt be so "bad and brave" to say this to me.

I then again saw them in the supermarket and the woman was saying how it doesnt matter about him being racist I cannot drive

How do these types of people exist?

I was being rude back in the supermarket but they will be on camera.

Is there any point it is after all two against one.

Really depressed me though this is the third time i have been called black something. Im mixedrace so if anyone thinks mixed people dont get it im proof they do.

starboyz Fri 21-Oct-16 13:27:14

And third time in london as well. I have never been racially abused in other parts of the uk.

Whatsername17 Fri 21-Oct-16 13:41:46

I don't know what the police could do as you are home now and, I assume, do not know who these people are. Unless the car park has cctv? This type of racist abuse makes me sick. How dare they? I'm a teacher and once nearly lost the plot with a member of the public who racially abused one of my kids whilst we were out on a school trip. My pupil had done nothing wrong, just accidentally bumped into someone walking the other way and recieved a barrage of abuse. I witnessed it and went off like a rocket at this racist piece of shit but the boys parents, although thankful for my defence of their child, said there was little point in reporting it. I hope someone else can advise you better than me. flowers

Perfectlypurple Fri 21-Oct-16 13:44:32

It is reportable. It is a public order offence. It doesn't look like there will be anything they can actually do without the identity of the offender but it can be recorded.

Owllady Fri 21-Oct-16 13:47:36

Report it
Incidents like this are increasing sadly sad and it needs to be reported and logged
I'm really sorry. That must have been really unnerving and upsetting for you
Always worth reporting this.
I know more about Scotland, and here the police would rather you called them and reported it directly, but if that's not possible, reporting as a hate crime online means there's a record of it.
Sometimes police you end up talking to as first point of contact might minimise it (have known someone mixed race being told 'how would a jury know you were harassed for your race if you don't 'look' x') but generally the police are getting better at dealing with it, so it's worth persisting, and usually the police are very helpful.

You're right that it's very often women targeted in this way.

starboyz Fri 21-Oct-16 14:06:28

I did report it wish i recorded him. Has really upset my day.

legotits Fri 21-Oct-16 14:12:47

I hate it when random twats spoil my day.

There are always tossers knocking about, racist, sexist or just about any offensiveness you can think of.

I'd report it, I doubt the race has any real basis he was just a wanker and picked out the thing that would affect you most but he needs a word having.

Entirely his fault if he added in race to make it more abusive, entirely appropriate for it to be dealt with more seriously.

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