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to think having these sort of feet is unacceptable

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ohgoodlordthatsmoist Fri 21-Oct-16 10:37:32

Basically this is representative of my foot.. what can I do to fix it, I've tried every cream under the sun :/

seminakedinsomebodyelsesroom Fri 21-Oct-16 10:41:40

Have you tried athletes foot cream? Sometimes dry skin can be caused by athletes foot or a similar type of fungal infection. A podiatrist told me to use try using athletes foot cream daily to combat dry skin.

CatThiefKeith Fri 21-Oct-16 10:43:04

Have you tried Footner?

I am currently in the 'waiting for all the dead skin to fall off in big ribbons all over the carpet' stage and can highly recommend it.

ohgoodlordthatsmoist Fri 21-Oct-16 10:44:09

Great idea - will try that today,
They are so embarrassing sad

monkeywithacowface Fri 21-Oct-16 10:46:10

Go see a chiropodist/podiatrist honestly your money will be much better spent on that than endless foot creams

toofarfromcivilisation Fri 21-Oct-16 10:47:09

Mine used to be like that & I tried all the creams which actually made them worse. Although mine looked like dry skin it was caused by my feet being too soggy. Now I stand on a towel after my shower while I do make up etc & wait a good half an hour before putting on socks or tights. No more problems.

wonderingsoul Fri 21-Oct-16 10:47:28

A hood pedicure.. where they "slice" and then rub the dead skin off, prob two or three hoes every two weeks but it makes a world of difference

Then when smooth cream and weekly scrubs. Also good pair of shoes help. Deff no pumps with no socks.

monkeywithacowface Fri 21-Oct-16 10:47:30

Meant to say I go two or three times a year and then maintain them in between with foot file and flexitol.

londonrach Fri 21-Oct-16 10:49:33

Any change of washing powder, shower creams but you need anti fungal cream, change socks daily etc. Go and see a podiatrist. has the full list of registered podiatrists.

Lorelei76 Fri 21-Oct-16 11:04:41

OP that seems likely to be an infection, see a chiro, don't fart arse around with creams.

SapphireStrange Fri 21-Oct-16 11:05:41

I agree that a chiropodist/podiatrist is a good investment. A pedicure won't cut the mustard; they can only use files and scrubs. You need someone who can actually take a scalpel and a mini-sander to your feet.

Mine also give advice on minor problems like athlete's foot, incipient corns etc.

Rumtopf Fri 21-Oct-16 11:10:47

Mine were worse than that, then on holiday I had the most amazing foot treatment. They soaked my feet, used a tool to slice away the dead and dried out skin, filed and smoothed them, moisturised and had a hot treatment. Amazing.

Now I use a pumice for a quick rub around my feet, esp my heels after every shower or bath, rub a bit of Flexitol in if I'm wearing socks and use a pedicure foot shaver once a month. Flexitol is the best thing I've ever used on my feet.

ohtheholidays Fri 21-Oct-16 11:11:28

I'd go and so your Dr,it looks like you have a fungal nail infection and your toes look swollen.

I'd get it checked out because bad feet can be a sign of diabetes OP.

FlyingElbows Fri 21-Oct-16 11:14:45

Footner. Seriously, the best thing ever.

ShowMeTheElf Fri 21-Oct-16 11:15:21

Footner, or at least the amazon cheaper versions.

Then try bathing instead of showers, and loofah your feet every day. Dry thoroughly.

If the yellowness remains see your GP for fungal treatment: don't fart about with OTC meds. They don't (often) work.

ohgoodlordthatsmoist Fri 21-Oct-16 11:33:02

Thanks everyone for your kindness, I do think a trip to a professional ( medical) is probably the right answer.

CocktailQueen Fri 21-Oct-16 11:34:59

Go to a chirpoodist! They will deal with all the dry skin. No cream will stick it back on! And you will feel and look so much better after.

scampimom Fri 21-Oct-16 11:35:14

Yes, I'd have a podiatrist look at it to rule out anything nasty that needs specific medical attention (fungal infection, psoriasis etc.)

If it turns out to be very dry skin, you need certain things:
Lactic or salicylic acid to remove dead skin cells
A humectant like urea to draw water up into the cells nearer the surface
A barrier ointment like vaseline to stop any water being lost through the surface

You can also try washing with aqueous cream instead of soap. Avoid aqueous cream as a moisturiser, it's not designed for that and can make dry skin worse if it's rubbed in and left on.

polyhymnia Fri 21-Oct-16 11:38:26

Definitely go to a chiropodist/ podiatrist before spending any more on creams Footner etc. Not a pedicure therapist a properly trained professional.

Happyhippy45 Fri 21-Oct-16 11:49:24

Looks very dry. My DH had something similar happen on the heal of his hands from wearing vinyl gloves for too long in warm weather whilst painting a house.
Anyway he's been using pure lanolin. Also been using Castile soap for hand washing. It's healed up quite nicely.

derxa Fri 21-Oct-16 11:56:08

Mine were worse! I went to the chiropodist for a good seeing to.

scampimom Fri 21-Oct-16 12:13:40

derxa - and to get your feet looked at. Snerk snerk nudge nudge grin

derxa Fri 21-Oct-16 12:15:52


Areyoulocal Fri 21-Oct-16 12:16:30

See GP if you have a fungal foot infection.Cannot recommend Scholl Pedi roller highly enough.Takes the dry skin away very fast so it doesn't build up.

Snafflebrain Fri 21-Oct-16 12:45:36

Another vote for a cheap knock off footner + twice daily athlete cream whilst the dry skins shedding off. My feet looked very similar to yours and now they're pink and smooth again.

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