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Games on mobile phones

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Overshoulderbolderholder Thu 20-Oct-16 22:47:50

DS is 12, has mobile, we limit internet time, make sure homework is done etc...yet still, so many arguments are generated as a result of bloody online games.. Clash if Clans and, more recently Clash Royale, .. They compete in real time (from what I can make out) and gain supposed world rankings.. The only result, as far as I can fathom, is constant frustration from the user and very real possible addiction problems. I can see personality changes in my DS ( coupled with hormonal changes no doubt) that I'm genuinely concerned about. I've talked with him countless times, confiscated phone, banned these type of games but still, eventually we end up in the same place. Peer pressure is a big factor too. Apologies for the long post and please try to be kind. This is my first post and I wouldn't be doing it if I wasn't genuinely concerned and fairly desperate to know a practical and workable way forward. AIBU or do other parents just as concerned?

Overshoulderbolderholder Thu 20-Oct-16 22:49:06

Sorry didn't proof read before posting grin

OwlinaTree Thu 20-Oct-16 22:53:39

What's the actual issue? He is on it too much?

Overshoulderbolderholder Thu 20-Oct-16 23:07:52

He is allowed one hour per evening Monday to Thursday and more relaxed time at the weekend but not prolonged because he it has a negative effect. However, he is constantly trying to get more time, constantly pushing the boundaries. Constantly, it seems fretting about being on his phone. I think as phones/internet/games are here to stay therefore I want to install in him a healthy attitude towards it but it just seems to cause so much angst. I've tried relaxing the rules to see if it removes the reason to kick off but he just it just makes the situation worse.. I am starting to think these type of games are too destructive ??

OwlinaTree Fri 21-Oct-16 09:22:50

Not sure really. It's like anything, some people are more affected then others. One hour a day is not much in a way. Do you and your dh only spend an hour on your phone/watching telly/tablets in an evening? Otherwise it's not really 'fair' to limit his use of technology.

My dh is partial to computer games. When he gets a new game he'll spend quite a bit of his free time on it for the first couple of weeks, then it tends to taper off. Would a period of limitless play over half term get it out of his system?

If you are really concerned about his mood I would start to note incidents when you think he has acted out of character. If you can talk to him about this using specific examples of what you mean he may understand your point of view.

Good luck, it's a tricky one. The ultimate solution is to turn off the Wifi shock but that will obviously impact on the whole household so may not be a popular choice!

Overshoulderbolderholder Fri 21-Oct-16 11:11:05

He has his phone for listening to music and sometimes he even uses it as a phone .. But that's quite raresmileIts the gaming we limit because he finds it frustrating yet can't get enough of it. Yes I take your point, maybe if he played it for hour upon hour he'd get bored with it, but it's the world rankings they build into that keep them hooked, I think the phone wouldn't survive he'd chuck it. Thanks for your good wishes...

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