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To think it's unfair MIL is favouring GDs over GS

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Bubblegum18 Thu 20-Oct-16 21:32:11

I have two DC with DH a DD who's 4 and a 4month old DS. My SIL has just had a baby girl so Mil now has 2GDs and one GS. The thing that is upsetting is you wouldn't think she has a GS. She constantly shares pictures of both my DD and DN and granddaughter sayings all the time. There was abig birth announcement with my DD and DN but nothing for My DS when he was born.

It's becoming more noticeable especially through social media and it's upsetting because DS is such a lovely little baby and it would be nice if she shared pictures of him. Aibu to feel this way?

Bubblegum18 Thu 20-Oct-16 21:33:42

Or be as proud of him as I am.

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