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Why is DH so bloody useless????

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MapOfTheWorldDoorKnob Thu 20-Oct-16 20:28:10

FFS I have just come home and the kids are looking guilty and DH is looking like butter wouldn't melt in his sodding mouth. . I asked him to hang a picture today and that's all he had to do. But no. I come home and the thing is still there on the floor. Lazy sod.

Instead, he claimed, he'd done some redecorating. Why? Why paint a wall rather than stick a nail in it and hang a picture? The house stinks of paint now.

And then he tried to cook pancakes and 6 of them are on the bloody ceiling. Wtf? What the f is the point of him and his nice shiny open topped car that doesn't have a roof so we all get wet when it rains?

MapOfTheWorldDoorKnob Thu 20-Oct-16 20:28:24

Rant over.

Dontpanicpyke Thu 20-Oct-16 20:30:09

Does he have s big knob? This would be a mitigating factor? smile

tshirtsuntan Thu 20-Oct-16 20:31:21

Oink wink

MapOfTheWorldDoorKnob Thu 20-Oct-16 20:31:31

Sadly not.

ItShouldHaveBeenJessCastismas Thu 20-Oct-16 20:35:15

He sounds like a complete and utter pig. LTB.

SortAllTheThings Thu 20-Oct-16 20:36:47

Bet he can't read a fucking map either. Useless prick.

Brb. I'm off to play happy mrs chicken work

ItShouldHaveBeenJessCastismas Thu 20-Oct-16 20:37:03

Butter might not melt in his mouth - stick an apple in there instead. And then grill him over what the hell happened.

Xmasfairy86 Thu 20-Oct-16 20:38:53


He doesn't sound to helpful if I'm honest map. Is it hilly where you are?

KP86 Thu 20-Oct-16 20:40:02

He's let his appearance go too, hasn't he.

mum2Bomg Thu 20-Oct-16 20:40:08

My DH took 7 months to hang five pictures. He did it in the end though!

ItShouldHaveBeenJessCastismas Thu 20-Oct-16 20:41:24

What a terrible role model for your DCs. How many do you have, OP?

ItShouldHaveBeenJessCastismas Thu 20-Oct-16 20:42:27

KP. I'd put money on him being overweight and not shaving regularly.

MapOfTheWorldDoorKnob Thu 20-Oct-16 20:43:02

He has, KP86 he has. sighs

DD is annoying me tonight as well.

Memyselfandthatotherperson Thu 20-Oct-16 20:45:31

I'd lay the blame squarely at your dd's feet. We all know who's the real problem in your household.

ItShouldHaveBeenJessCastismas Thu 20-Oct-16 20:45:42

Why is DD annoying you, OP? Sounds a stressful day.

rollonthesummer Thu 20-Oct-16 20:46:24

Oink oink.

MapOfTheWorldDoorKnob Thu 20-Oct-16 20:49:22

Is it my imagination or is there a crack in the wall? I swear to god it wasn't there this morning.

NoFuchsGiven Thu 20-Oct-16 20:50:50

OK what have I missed?

Shurelyshomemistake Thu 20-Oct-16 20:50:53

He tried. He can't help it if all the other people around you - specially the women- are hideous overachievers. In particular that neighbour who has about 50 different jobs. The old sow.

user1471517900 Thu 20-Oct-16 20:51:11

Maybe he thinks you don't work hard enough OP? Be honest, do you have any female friends who work a lot harder than you and are showing you up a bit?

ProseccoBitch Thu 20-Oct-16 20:51:10

I asked mine to hang a mirror 18 months ago and it's still sitting on the floor. I've given up.

VulvaInLaw Thu 20-Oct-16 20:52:38

Marking place so I get the punchline when it arrives...

luckylucky24 Thu 20-Oct-16 20:53:21

looks like wallpaper crease on the pic. If you have no wallpaper then yes maybe a crack.
He has obviously been taking classes from Daddy pig.

StubbleTurnips Thu 20-Oct-16 20:53:32

I've been waiting a long time for our wedding pictures to be hung. They're still not done. We've been married 10 years hmm

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