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To expect feedback on DC's failed karate grading?

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multigrainhoops Thu 20-Oct-16 19:51:35

DS (10) went for his black belt grading in July. He'd trained twice per week for a year since his brown-belt grading and his Senseii was in no doubt that he, and some of his peers, were ready. He said they were the best bunch of brown belts he'd seen in a long while, and DS certainly seemed more "ready" than his big brother did the previous year (and he passed).

So we paid the £50 to renew his license, the £150 for the compulsory 5 day course in the summer holidays, and the extra £150 to do the black-belt grading on the final day.

It's a notoriously tough week, but he seemed to do really well. DH watched his grading on the final day and didn't see him make any errors. He appeared to do well in the fighting. So we were pretty confident.

However, when the pass list was announced a couple of weeks later his name wasn't on it. Neither were some of the others in his group.

That was July and since then we've had no feedback on why he didn't pass. His Senseii said that the head Senseii (who runs the club) would write him a personal letter to explain. He's chased that on our behalf. We've chased it too, but so far nothing. The club receptionist (who is also the head Senseii's wife) has said on the phone it may just be that they thought they could do even better. Given that I didn't see anyone writing anything down, I suspect even when the letter does arrive it won't be very enlightening - I expect the head Senseii wouldn't even remember who was who.

DS is determined to re-do the grading at Easter, and I don't want to scupper his chances by making a fuss, but is this generally how other karate clubs operate?

lostoldlogin2 Thu 20-Oct-16 20:58:41

I'm sorry - I think that to argue this would be unwise. Your son and you can't question the Senseii's decision regarding his grading. He has to respect it and strive to do better and that is all. Of course if it happened a lot and people generally suspected that this was being used as a way to scam people out of several grading fees then that would be different but that doesn't seem to be the case here.

Your son failed. That's OK. I and my friends have lost fights (muay thai) - sometimes on points (as opposed to KO) and we have felt short changed - but you still have to take the loss and move forward. It will be a good lesson for him if you say "Oh well - try again and work on XYZ (as the Senseii what his weak points are - he will have them in spades, we all do!). It would be a terrible lesson if you go in and demand explanations and undermine the Senseii's decision.

lostoldlogin2 Thu 20-Oct-16 21:00:47

Sorry - I might have expressed that a bit harshly. Basically - ask his Senseii to highlight his weaknesses but not in the context of you arguing over his grading. I'm surprised by the suggestion of a "personal letter" seems a bit OTT!

Just ask in class smile

cockadoodledoooo Thu 20-Oct-16 21:08:19

Or maybe the several hundred pounds you will pay to redo the exam will come in handy to them!

lljkk Fri 21-Oct-16 09:32:51

no f/bck since July is appalling, imho. No need to be pushy about it, but do keep asking. Well done to your son for being so determined, anyway.

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