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Am I over reacting?

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lorribaby Thu 20-Oct-16 17:20:50

It's my birthday and my dh as usual hasn't got me anything but has managed a moonpig card from him which is a lot more than usual. The thing that has me really upset me is that he didn't get me a card from my dd who is nearly seven months. I can't stop crying as I was so looking forward to that first ever mummy card. Not bothered about presents but for some reason the card has really gotten to me.

SpeakNoWords Thu 20-Oct-16 17:25:01

I think YABU, a little bit. You know, a card from your DD would really be from your DP as your DD has no idea about the concept of birthdays. Not everyone would think of this as a thing to do. It wouldn't have occurred to me to do this.

MadHattersWineParty Thu 20-Oct-16 17:25:52

I don't think this would bother me as the card is not really 'from' the baby, the baby obviously has no clue it's your birthday. But I do get the sentiment/significance. Sorry you're upset on your birthday flowers

Gazelda Thu 20-Oct-16 17:30:18

I think that I'd be upset too. Probably because if he doesn't do it this year, he's unlikely to start the tradition of taking her out to chose a present and to sit and help her make a card for Mummy when she's older.

ThatGingerOne Thu 20-Oct-16 17:31:57

YABU - it wouldn't really be from her. Just let your first ''mummy card'' be the one she can actually pick for you properly (or make) herself.

5Foot5 Thu 20-Oct-16 17:34:22

YABU if you didn't expect this. If he CBA to buy you a present then it is unlikely that he would realise how nice a card from your DD would be.

But YANBU to be a bit upset. What is excuse for not getting you anything for your birthday? That's a bit shit.

DontBuyANewMumCashmere Thu 20-Oct-16 17:34:29

Happy birthday! flowers wine

I'd be annoyed too, then I'd go out and get something I really want "from DD"

Hope your evening is better.

lorribaby Thu 20-Oct-16 17:40:25

Yeah I expected to much as he is just shit when it comes to arranging/buying gifts or treats. I just thought since I got him a card made up of a picture of dd and him for his birthday and a canvas that he would take the hint! Getting over it now as actually it will be nicer when dd can make me a card etc. Thanks for the birthday wishes x

tibbawyrots Thu 20-Oct-16 17:42:05

cake happy birthday!

Tootsiepops Thu 20-Oct-16 17:42:30

Your first birthday as a mum is special and I think it's an occasion worth marking with a card from your husband. YANBU.

My mum died in April and while I was going through her things, I found a cupboard full of every single birthday and Mother's Day cards I'd ever sent her. Including the ones my dad had bought from me when I was a baby.

user1474627704 Thu 20-Oct-16 17:44:44

If your husband has never bothered to get you a card from him, why did you for a minute imagine that he would get you one from an infant? That makes no sense.
Don't you think you have bigger problems though, than that? Looks like you do.

lorribaby Thu 20-Oct-16 17:45:52

I'm sorry to hear that tootsiepops. How beautiful that she kept everything like that from you flowers

NoooorthonerMum Thu 20-Oct-16 18:11:42

Did he know you were expecting this? It wouldn't occur to me to give a card from a 7 month old. For an older child it makes sense to do a card from them which they can draw in/sign their name/dictate a message or whatever but a little baby would obviously have no idea and can't even scribble in it. That said I'm not particularly sentimental - if he knew you this was something you were expecting and just couldn't be arsed then I can see why you're upset.

Marshmallow92 Thu 20-Oct-16 18:20:08

I'd feel a bit let down too. My partner doesn't really bother with cards etc, and has said I won't get one from DD until she is able to buy a card for me herself!!! I hope that now she is here he can see that it would be nice to do something on her behalf. I made the effort to get him a first Father's Day card and a card for his birthday from her, he will also get a Christmas one. It doesn't take much to get a card really does it! Of course she doesn't know, but to me 'firsts' are special and the card would have sentimental value. You can't get the first birthday/Christmas together back!!

lorribaby Thu 20-Oct-16 18:45:13

I assumed because I did the whole picture card and canvas for him and he was really chuffed with it that he would do the same for me. We spoke about how important it was to make an effort for making memories etc. I wasn't expecting the baby to hotfoot it down to clintons and buy me a card wink I guess it is more about the first this and that but having just bathed my dd and soothed her to sleep I truly know she is all I need! I won't apologise though for being a sentimental soul and you shouldn't either Marshmallow92 the world needs us lol!

Benedikte2 Thu 20-Oct-16 18:45:23

OP is your DH planning on getting your DD anything for her 1st Christmas and birthday or will all that be left to you?

Marshmallow92 Thu 20-Oct-16 19:06:30

lorribaby, it is a good job some of us are sentimental! The 'firsts' would have been nice but I guess you are right, she is all you need smile
Happy birthday! flowers

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