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to ask if you have used the new bus "hopper" fare in London and how it works?

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weresquirrel Wed 19-Oct-16 13:02:12

If I get on a bus at 9am and then on another bus before 10am, I am only charged once, is that right, so only £1.50 for two bus journeys?

But can I do this numerous times per day as long as the two bus journeys are in an hour of each other, so could I then get another bus at 10.30am and get on another bus at 11am but still only be charged another £1.50 (so four bus journeys so far at a cost of only £3?). Is that correct? Cannot find an answer online to how many times per day you can use the hopper fare.

BlancheBlue Wed 19-Oct-16 13:04:51

As many times as you want in a day but after a couple of times oyster will cap you on a daily bus pass

NotCitrus Wed 19-Oct-16 16:12:53

Yes, after the second pair of journeys, you will be capped at the daily cap rate which is £4.50 when you start a fifth journey.

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