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To be offended by this word in a children's play?

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amammabear Tue 18-Oct-16 21:26:21

My kids are currently taking part in Elf the musical, and one of the lines has Buddy the Elf singing "making toys is so fantastic that I shake until I'm spastic!".

Now I'm really struggling with this, I have a condition that causes muscles spasms myself (developed as an adult) but I grew up under the impression that "spastic" isn't considered appropriate any more. Before I raise it with the theatre group, I wanted to know what others think.

My children aren't singing it, only Buddy, but my parents agree with me that it's not appropriate and my Mum thought that if even one person in the audience is offended, it could be harmful to the groups reputation. So, AIBU?

Bringmewineandcake Tue 18-Oct-16 21:27:54

Nooo!! That's awful and definitely not acceptable.

Soubriquet Tue 18-Oct-16 21:29:49

Could you suggest some alternatives?

EdmundCleverClogs Tue 18-Oct-16 21:30:40

Seriously?! No, not ok, not in any context!

dementedpixie Tue 18-Oct-16 21:30:46

'Shake like I'm elastic'?

littlejeopardy Tue 18-Oct-16 21:30:46

YANBU! Is this a play the school has written themselves or is this an official script tied into the movie?

DownWithThisSortaThing Tue 18-Oct-16 21:30:51

No YANBU it's an offensive term for disability, I thought that was pretty standard knowledge that it's not an acceptable word!

hesterton Tue 18-Oct-16 21:31:19

' I'm elastic'

Would work

SnipSnipMrBurgess Tue 18-Oct-16 21:31:41

Jesus Christ!shock

TasteLikeCherryChapstick Tue 18-Oct-16 21:31:56

100% not acceptable!

TheLambShankRedemption Tue 18-Oct-16 21:32:10

YANBU inappropriate and offensive, definitely complain.

bumsexatthebingo Tue 18-Oct-16 21:32:37

I would imagine it is being used in the context of spasming rather than the offensive term for someone who has cp but considering how the term has been used I don't think you are unreasonable to think it's inappropriate.

LauraPalmersBodybag Tue 18-Oct-16 21:33:23


NickyEds Tue 18-Oct-16 21:33:56

I'm genuinely shocked. YANBU at all.

amammabear Tue 18-Oct-16 21:34:01

Oh gosh, I'm so relieved!

My alternative suggestion would have been frantic.

It's the official Junior version of the West End/Broadway musical which is obviously linked to the original but non-musical film.

Pastaagain78 Tue 18-Oct-16 21:34:29

Not acceptable at all!

monkeysox Tue 18-Oct-16 21:34:32

Yanbu angry

amammabear Tue 18-Oct-16 21:35:02

In looking into it myself, it doesn't seem to be off limits in the US, but this is UK.

SailingThroughTime Tue 18-Oct-16 21:37:27

Tbh I thought this was a wind up/goady fucker - it's that awful.
Definitely not acceptable. Please complain. Bugger it - tell me where it is and I'll complain for you if you don't fancy it.shock

RoseGoldHippie Tue 18-Oct-16 21:37:36

Is it a school play?

I don't think it's really acceptable but if it is a professional play you may find it hard to have then change it

user1471521456 Tue 18-Oct-16 21:37:54

Have they bought an American script off the internet? There are several words that are acceptable in the US that we would be considered disablist in the UK.

LordTrash Tue 18-Oct-16 21:38:02

Is it an American musical?

I have friends in the US who had no idea that 'spastic' is considered offensive in the UK, and use it constantly to mean 'mildly daft'. They were amazed when I explained its connotations over here.

All the same, that line in the script should definitely be altered!

bumsexatthebingo Tue 18-Oct-16 21:39:18

Is it quite old then? I couldn't see this word being in a modern song. They need to bring it up to date. They wouldn't leave racial slurs in I hope and this is no different.

RhodaBorrocks Tue 18-Oct-16 21:39:24

That's disgusting. You are definitely NBU! And either frantic or elastic works well.

FWIW, when I was in West Side Story as a young teen, our teacher changed the line "on the whole buggin' mother-lovin' street" to "ever-lovin' " because she felt even mother-lovin' was too close to Sondheim's intended meaning.

amammabear Tue 18-Oct-16 21:45:53

It's an official script from the Broadway Junior Collection, I don't know if links are allowed, but on here, if you click on songs, then happy all the time, the clip includes that line.

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