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To ask if you believe 'boob or bust' bra measurements?

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rogertherabbit Mon 17-Oct-16 15:45:04

So I have read good things about this website and its tool for measuring your correct bra size. I am breastfeeding and currently wear a 36G. I'm aware it's too loose around the back, so went online and did the 'boob or bust' calculation

It thinks I need a 28H! I understand that this is only a guide, but my 'snug' measurement around my chest was 28 inches, and I thought you added 4 inches to this to get your back size - is this not correct...? Admittedly I haven't been 'formally' measured for over a decade so this might be not right

I'm aware 28H probably isn't easy to get hold of, and wondered if any of you have used this calculation and found it to be accurate. I don't want to bust a gut trying to find 28 inch nursing bras to try on when I can go for a 32 back which I can get more easily in regular shops


AnguaResurgam Mon 17-Oct-16 15:48:09

On MN, this method is known as 'bra intervention' and there are oodles of threads about it.

dementedpixie Mon 17-Oct-16 15:50:04

No you don't add extra inches to your back size or you get a bra too big in the back and too small in the cup

ChesterFuckingDraws Mon 17-Oct-16 15:52:14

I found it pretty accurate. It very much depends on the style of bra too but it's a good base size.

The adding inches method doesn't really work as most bras are stretchy, so if you add inches it's not going to give the right support in the right places.
The sizes it comes up with do seem a bit daunting but for me it was right and I just adjust the size to the style to get it spot on

AnguaResurgam Mon 17-Oct-16 15:52:26

Sorry, posted too soon, which made what I wrote look a bit abrupt.

Yes, you should go with your actual under bust measurement, it plus 1 if it's an odd number.

28s can be really hard to find, so try 30G as well.

Can to get to a Bravissimo? They have both sizes - for example in this Panache bra which I've had (in a 36G) and got on really well with.

MyBreadIsEggy Mon 17-Oct-16 15:52:56

I trust it 100%.
I was wearing a 32D for years, measure using boob or bust and came out as a 28G. I've bought a few bras in my new size, and after a week or so of "wearing them in" they feel great smile and my boobs look way better!!
If you can get a non-stretchy tape measure around yourself at 28in you are most definitely not a 36in band!! Bras stretch - tape measures don't. So even though 28in may have felt uncomfortably snug with a tape measure, your bra has "give" that will make it feel less tight.
Shops use the "plus four inches" method of measuring because back in the day where people first started being measured for bras, they were made of non-stretchy materials like cotton, so the extra inches were needed to stop it feeling like a corset! The elasticity of modern bras has removed the need to add 4 inches to your underbust measurement!

Discobabe Mon 17-Oct-16 15:53:01

No, I have no idea why you need to add 4 inches. The not adding works far better and you get a much more supportive bra. Try it! If 28 is snug try a 30G/30H

alphabook Mon 17-Oct-16 15:54:14

No you don't add extra inches, that's a very old method from the days when bra fabric wasn't as stretchy as it is now. If your under bust measurement is 28" then you are a 28, maybe a 30.

Boob or bust is only as good as your measuring is (it had a me a couple of cup sizes out) but it's definitely a good place to start.

Also bear in mind that a smaller back size will probably take a few wears to get used to, for me it's like wearing in a new pair of shoes. But once it's been worn in it'll feel so much better wearing the correct size, trust me!

dementedpixie Mon 17-Oct-16 15:55:26

The sister size of 28H is 30GG so if you find the 28 snug then the 30 band might fit better

eternalopt Mon 17-Oct-16 15:55:27

Told me I was a 30 inch band. The theory was nice, but I couldn't breathe when I tried one on. Went for one of the "sister" sizes and went up a band size. Much better, and worlds better than what Marks and Sparks put me in

rogertherabbit Mon 17-Oct-16 16:01:38

Thanks all, it seems my old 'add 4 inches' method is definitely outdated! I was pregnant when I bought the 36 back bras (with a breech baby under my ribs) so probably makes sense these are too loose on me now

There used to be a bravissimo in a nearby city so I will investigate and see if it's still there....

StrawberryQuik Mon 17-Oct-16 16:06:08

I'm not 100% sold on bra intervention which had me at a 30C, the band is too tight and the cup is too big. The old way had me at a 34B which is a bit loose.
What I actually wore and found comfortable was a 32B

No idea what size I am now. Pregnancy made my ribs expand I think, and I'm a cupsize bigger now I'm bfeeding so I shall just try on a variety of sizes once I'm out of ugly comfy bfeeding friendly bras!

abigwideworld Mon 17-Oct-16 16:07:47

Yes I was horrified to go from a 36D to a 30E but it was life changing! I'd recommend starting with a sister size first because the tighter band really will feel very tight at first, and you will probably find that your size changes over time anyway (google tissue migration). The 4 inches method is outdated but you'd be amazed how many shops still use it! M&S are good for larger/unusual sizes if you can't or don't want to order online. I like to try them on first too.

FeedMeAndTellMeImPretty Mon 17-Oct-16 16:48:32

I used this method to go from a 38DD to a 34F and my bras fit perfectly and don't ride up at the back at all, giving me a perky cleavage! Definitely trust the method.

DemonNameChanger Mon 17-Oct-16 16:51:45

I wore a 30h from hot milk when I was bf so try them, v pretty but not cheap

oklumberjack Mon 17-Oct-16 17:01:03

I had a breast reduction a few years so getting bras to fit was a huge obsession of mine. I knew I was wearing the right size - the bra intervention or 'boob or bust' had me at exactly the right size too. I totally trust it.

The sooner women stop thinking that anything above a D-cup is 'horrifying' the better things will be. I wore a 36HH before my reduction. I now wear a 36G. People look at me like I'm crazy that I'm delighted with the size as they still think the size is 'freaky'. I'm 6lbs lighter just from my boobs and a G-cup is tiny on me.

(I'm a bit evangelical about bras)

misscarlar Mon 17-Oct-16 17:07:35

I'm a 28H and as others said don't add extra inches
Recommended bravissimo a lot

RichardBucket Mon 17-Oct-16 17:35:48

The best thing is to try on bras in sizes around your measurement (28G, don't add any inches) and see what's comfortable. Not every 28G bra will fit so in some you will be a slightly different size.

It's a bit like clothes - you might say "I'm a size 12" but you know some size 12 clothes won't work on you.

nonline Mon 17-Oct-16 17:56:26

Trouble is one size does not work in all styles. I'm a 34K but pretty horrified that the 36L nursing bra I have gives extra boobs and is pretty much the end of the line (I've got big ones, but seen bigger).

InsertWittyPunHere Mon 17-Oct-16 23:58:03

Definitely no adding 4 inches. The bra intervention / boob and bust is the most reliable fitting method I have found although I have to admit for my awkward body it is hit and miss. I am a large lady with a very wide back, a squishy torso and large but all bottom heavy boobs. If I go with the size it tells me to (42H) then the cup is okay but the back is way massive.....I tend to size down to a 38K in most brands which is comfortable on me (I get a bit of discomfort at the end of the day when I take my bra off and realise how tight it has been but it is that or literally no support) but only certain styles of bra work for my shape.

Long post short: even when you know your rough size you may end up a back size or cup size either way depending on your preferences and the style of bra can make a huge difference too.

RainbowDashian Tue 18-Oct-16 07:43:26

Yes I do, I just put my measurements in and it suggested 28G which is what I wear.

foxessocks Tue 18-Oct-16 07:53:45

I got measured recently and they did seem to use this method of not adding the extra inches as I have gone from a 34B to a 28D!

I'm currently breastfeeding and can't find a single maternity bra in that size so have had to go for a 30D and it does feel very tight at first because it's not what you're used to but actually after wearing that size for a few weeks now it feels very comfortable and I can see my breasts look much more supported in it so I'd be inclined to agree with the sizing.

If I could try a 28D I would!

SorrelForbes Tue 18-Oct-16 07:55:39

It's the same as the Bra Guru method that a few of us have been advocating on here for that last 6 or so years (maybe more). Good to see its getting out to a wider audience.

KermitRuffinsTrumpet Tue 18-Oct-16 07:58:08

I'm aware 28H probably isn't easy to get hold of



WerewolvesNotSwearwolves Tue 18-Oct-16 08:14:20

I went from 34D to 30FF and it's so much better. As a PP said, M&S has a good size range, and also check BraStop, they sell all sorts of different brands online and are great for nursing bras too. Foxes if anyone has a 28D, BraStop do.

But don't let M&S measure you, they are DREADFUL.

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