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The hamster wheel of my life

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chelseafan123 Mon 17-Oct-16 08:15:25

I feel like I'm only ever just making it through each day, or getting to the next task or obligation I have to do without much fun or rest in between. Is this normal?

Wake up (tired)
Sort breakfast
Attempt and fail to tidy up properly after breakfast
Make dinner
Half hearted clean
Obligatory phone calls

Is anyone else feeling like this? I had a few social occasions last week and was resenting them because they ate into my window for sleep!

SandysMam Mon 17-Oct-16 08:23:12

Yes! Very much so, I find a once a week treat is a good idea, to give you something to look forward to. I have tried to look for an alternative but bills have to be paid and chores always have to be done so I don't think there is one, without a lottery win. Mindfulness can also help, enjoy the commute etc rather than just do it, that sort of thing.

hesterton Mon 17-Oct-16 08:26:07

You need an exit plan. I'm mid fifties now and part time, that was phase 1. Much better. Our complete exit plan come to a head in five years away. I don't want to spend the rest of my life being tired.

Openup41 Mon 17-Oct-16 08:33:23

Me too!

Life becomes monotonous and tedious. Pretty much of is spent doing the same things over and over again.

This is why holidays (not annual leave but actual time away from the house) mean so much to me. Late evenings and holidays are the only time I relax.

To make life more bearable I;

Read/listen to music and enjoy the "quiet time" on my commute.

Accept housework will never ever be finished so no longer try to "out win" it

I am as organised as can be to help our family life flow much better

Do not committ to anything in the week day evenings - no phone calls etc etc

heron98 Mon 17-Oct-16 09:28:03

I also feel like this.

I am attempting to address it by getting up at 5 and exercising before work, and making sure I have 2-3 social activities a week.

I also asked work if I could go part time but they've said no.

I'm really disappointed about this so am looking for another job.

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