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To think I shouldn't be without service for over 3 weeks?

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nolassie Mon 17-Oct-16 08:14:27

Snoring one but We've had no phone or broadband for a week and a 1/2 now and DH was told on Friday it would be at least another 2 weeks without service as they need to dig up a road. Surely there's a work around giving us a temp service?
I work from home and my DH Works pt from home so we've rigged up a limited expensive temporary setup to minimise impact there but our teenage boys are off on holiday this week with little TV and no streaming or gaming available. DH can't can't chat to his elderly DPs abroad, it's a complete pain and plusnet couldn't care less.
If anybody knows if there is work around I should be able to get I'd appreciate it so much!

OutDamnedWind Mon 17-Oct-16 08:40:59

If they need to dig up the road, then there's probably not a workaround.

They could however compensate you the cost of a 3G dongle thing. Wont provide decent enough bandwidth for much streaming and gaming, but better than nothing.

I do think we've lost sight a bit of the fact that sometimes things really don't work, and really do need fixing.

StarryIllusion Mon 17-Oct-16 10:51:31

Probably not. If they need to dig a road up then it clearly isn't a small issue. Kids will have to deal. They can rent some dvd's, can't they or use their phone data, read a book or god forbid, go out. How on earth do they think teenagers managed 20 years ago when many households didn't have internet?

nolassie Mon 17-Oct-16 17:36:36

Ok so I'm unreasonable but you just don't realise how much you use something till you can't for a month.
I've got long standing issues with provider I won't bore you with and I guess part of my problem is I don't actually believe them. I used to work in data cabling in previous career and could connect anything together in a massive building - I expected a similar albeit more complicated system to be able to reroute my signal. I was hoping somebody who knew more could enlighten me..

For what it's worth my working from home involves running an online business and I'm chewing through the monthly data allowance (shared between all our phones) just processing orders, and using Royal Mail online business account for mailing them. Im also using large amounts transferring print files to printers and up loading new listings so the boys actually have less data on their phones than normal. Can't remember the last time I saw a DVD rental shop ! They don't exist here and neither does a library that I could've walked to 20 years ago so no easy access to books. Shops are a 15 mile round trip (I normally online grocery shop to save time and petrol but that's not happening either) . School expects Internet access for research on Ds1's 6th year dissertation so not sure what we'll do there. The 1st week of their holiday they were trekking abroad so all they want to do now is recover from jet lag, upload photos and watch movies before younger one does a DoE camp this weekend. DH has just let me know he won't be allowed to work from home if he can't conference call securely which he can't so won't be seeing him till the weekend now. Broad band really isn't a luxury for us but I understand you see it that way. Better get off mn, wasting data...

LivingInMidnight Mon 17-Oct-16 17:48:05

You'd probably be better of getting a cheap mobile wifi device & some data sims for now. Then ask plusnet to pay for them and cross your fingers. I'm not sure how well the business use thing will go down if you have normal consumer broadband though.

Inyournightdress Mon 17-Oct-16 17:50:28

We decided to change our internet providers a few months ago. Sky (who we were moving to) initially gave us a date when our internet would start. They then kept pushing it back and back till we ended up ditching them all together. We were without internet for two months as a result. It was hell.

mscongeniality Mon 17-Oct-16 17:52:26

YANBU. Is it BT? We've had SO many problems with them including an outtage of around 2 weeks and I only got a measly £10 comp for it and that was after a million calls to them. I can't wait till our contract is over with them.

OutDamnedWind Mon 17-Oct-16 17:52:30

I do get it, we were without internet for 3 weeks when we moved and it was a pain. But things can physically go wrong!

PrimalLass Mon 17-Oct-16 17:53:27

You can buy a decent mobile wifi thing for about £60 with lots of data. But make sure you don't have to pay your broadband bill this month.

mscongeniality Mon 17-Oct-16 17:54:16

And like another poster said, we ended up getting a mobile wifi box from EE and we obviously weren't recompensated for that but I couldn't survive without internet.

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