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To not go to work?

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ihateteeth Mon 17-Oct-16 07:55:29

I've NC as this could be quite identifying.

Last week I had a bleed and painful cramps and thought I had miscarried, however, following a scan my baby is okay but I have a big bleed and was told I needed complete rest or it would lead to haemorrhage.

I took 2 days off work last week and I was told not to return to work until I was 2 days clear from bleeding. My bleeding has slowed right down and I think it may have stopped this morning but I'm still getting pain.

AIBU to take today off too? I can work from home but my job can be stressful and I've got to be on the ball- I hate letting work down and I have only just recently returned following maternity leave so feel extra guilty.

IfartInYourGeneralDirection Mon 17-Oct-16 07:57:05

You've been told to stay home so do and don't feel bad about itflowers

1wokeuplikethis Mon 17-Oct-16 07:57:21

Got to put your health and your baby first. Have the day off and let them know you're following doctors orders. Go back when you've not bled for two days and you're not cramping.

Hope you feel better soon.

Sunnydaysrock Mon 17-Oct-16 07:58:11

Absolutely don't go to work, no brainer.

2410ang Mon 17-Oct-16 07:58:16

Not at all. You were told 2 clear days from bleeding, which you are not!

If you can work from home, there is your compromise!

Hope you are ok x

Chottie Mon 17-Oct-16 07:59:56

Put yourself and your baby first.

Follow the medical advice you have been given.

Lecture over! smile can you tell I'm a DM?

Congratulations too flowers

myownprivateidaho Mon 17-Oct-16 08:01:24

YANBU unless there are likely to be negative repercussions. In which case I'd work from home if poss.

Mumoftwoyoungkids Mon 17-Oct-16 08:04:02

Do not go to work, do not work from home.

Get your arse back in bed and r st.

If it all goes wrong baby-wise you do not want to spend your life wondering "what if?"

Also - if you do haemorrhage then you will miss loads of work. Better to miss a few days now than weeks later.

smellsofelderberries Mon 17-Oct-16 08:05:50

Don't go. I had a similar thing in this pregnancy and having had a miscarriage one cycle previous, I wasn't taking any chances. I had a huge amount of time off work but noticed the more I did, the more I bled. Not being at work saved my sanity.

ihateteeth Mon 17-Oct-16 08:19:37

Thank you- I've decided to go back to bed and rest smile...

SunnySideDownUp Mon 17-Oct-16 08:24:59

Sensible call to rest!

I had 2 months off work with bleeding in the first trimester of this pregnancy, and I'm now at 33 weeks. I'd had 3 mc and I wasn't prepared to risk it.

All the best for this pregnancy

MrsKoala Mon 17-Oct-16 08:34:45

I used to work in HR and i'd be cross if you came in. Not just for your sake but it puts your colleagues in an unfair position if something terrible were to happen. I'm glad you are going back to bed, try to rest as much as you can.

CuppaSarah Mon 17-Oct-16 10:56:28

You rest up without a moments guilt. You need time to physically and emotionally recover. Sleep, and bad daytime tv for you! flowers You've had a really rough time of it by the sounds of things, be kind to yourself.

Barefootcontessa84 Mon 17-Oct-16 11:15:35

I had a haematoma also - told to do nothing until two weeks clear of bleeding. Take off all the time you need - I don't know exactly what type of bleed you have been diagnosed with, but don't be surprised if it happens again - I had about 5 major bleeds and all ok each time.

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