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To be feeling really down about this?

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Salsapal Mon 17-Oct-16 01:26:50

Was supposed to go on a date today but didn't as it was pretty late by the time he messaged with timings - I'm regretting it though as he doesn't live locally and seemed like a nice guy. I feel like my reason for not going was pretty flimsy and sounded like an excuse (date was only arranged today); essentially I was expecting more of a late afternoon date but he messaged mid evening and it was just a bit late for me, I was having dinner. I feel like I flaked out though sad And that I probably would have enjoyed it!

gleam Mon 17-Oct-16 02:06:15

Well, I don't know - you carried on with your evening and maybe he's realised that you won't just hang around waiting for him. smile

TisMeTheLadFromTheBar Mon 17-Oct-16 02:08:51

Arrange another date. What's meant to be, will be smile

SomeDaysIDontGiveAMonkeys Mon 17-Oct-16 02:20:56

I think you've set healthy boundaries so he doesn't think it's ok to arrange a time at the last minute. If he doesn't want to arrange another date then he's likely a time waster anyway.

perfumedlife Mon 17-Oct-16 02:53:20

Why the fuck do folk not make firm plans. As in, time of meeting?

AmeliaJack Mon 17-Oct-16 02:57:11

I think that's fine Salsa. Next time he'll be a bit more organised/considerate.

Why don't you suggest a time and place for a reschedule?

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