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to worry about DS getting a present

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Lefloch Sun 16-Oct-16 22:55:13

ds is just back from cub camp and seems to have been miserable and homesick some of the time. He is quite anxious at the mo as we are moving house. One of his friends bought him a soft toy to cheer him up, which was very kind, but I now feel bad for the boy who blew all his spending money on the present. I'm also worrying what his parents think. Don't know what to do about it though.

marie200 Sun 16-Oct-16 23:01:18

Don't feel bad about the friend, he seems like a lovely boy, and he was probably chuffed to do something nice for his pal. I would try and get a msg to his parents and ask them to thank him for you, let him know how much it meant to his son and you. They, and him, will be pleased as punch (I know I would be!)

grumpysquash3 Sun 16-Oct-16 23:03:52

Why not text/email the parents, saying what a lovely thing their son did and how much it meant to your DS, also saying that you think he must have spent all his pocket money and that you're wondering how to repay the kindness.
You can take a lead from their response.
FWIW, Cubs are very into helping one another, so the child may think it's a completely normal thing to do.

hotdiggedy Sun 16-Oct-16 23:05:28

give the boy a £5 gift voucher to say thanks for looking after minilefloch on the trip?

DisneyMillie Mon 17-Oct-16 07:02:47

Such a lovely thing for the boy to have done. What about taking them both for a fun day out one weekend as a thank you

mammagheddon Mon 17-Oct-16 08:51:12

The other boy has given because he understood that your DS would gain much more, in the joy of receiving the toy, in the knowledge of love and support from his friends, than he got from the money himself. He has an understanding of what he has in his life. Gratitude makes children happy. Warm fuzzies all round.

RhiWrites Mon 17-Oct-16 09:00:30

It would be nice to reward a good deed. A gift card and a card to say thanks for being such s great friend would be the right move.

ThisUsernameIsAvailable Mon 17-Oct-16 09:04:29

My ds went to a chocolate factory with school a few years ago, another kid went but didn't have any money to buy some so DS bought him some aswell.

I was really proud of him and bought him some nice chocolate to make up for it, maybe if you send something to the friend you will feel better ?

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