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To do a straw poll on whether you're happy with where Brexit is heading?

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Bearbehind Sun 16-Oct-16 16:57:11

This isn't about the whys and wherefores of how we got here but, since no one I speak to IRL is happy with the path Brexit is leading us down and I've just seen a poll in the Metro strongly in favour of abandoning Brexit it got me wondering how wide spread it is.

This isn't supposed to be an argument thread or even how you voted, just Are you happy heading towards a hard Brexit

Yes or No

Tarla Sun 16-Oct-16 16:58:29


witsender Sun 16-Oct-16 16:58:32


53rdAndBird Sun 16-Oct-16 16:59:22


BreconBeBuggered Sun 16-Oct-16 16:59:52

Fuck no.

greathat Sun 16-Oct-16 17:00:13

no, but then I'm against brexit anyway

averylongtimeago Sun 16-Oct-16 17:00:19

No not happy!

KindergartenKop Sun 16-Oct-16 17:01:53

No, but I voted remain so why would I?

pointythings Sun 16-Oct-16 17:02:41


FaFoutis Sun 16-Oct-16 17:02:44


eternalopt Sun 16-Oct-16 17:03:31

Hell no

pigsDOfly Sun 16-Oct-16 17:04:37

As the government doesn't seem to have much of plan so far I'm not entirely sure they, or the people of Britain, know exactly where we're heading as we leave the EU.

And do we know exactly what 'hard brexit' means or involves?

BestIsWest Sun 16-Oct-16 17:05:34


TenPlasters Sun 16-Oct-16 17:05:40


LordPeterWimsey Sun 16-Oct-16 17:06:06

No. Voted remain but would be less angry and terrified if I thought someone, anyone in Government had the faintest idea where we're heading.

Adelie0404 Sun 16-Oct-16 17:07:16

Absolutely no!

onemorecupofcoffeefortheroad Sun 16-Oct-16 17:08:18

No - it's all deeply worrying just don't understand why the government is not contemplating some sort of a U turn when it's clear we're heading for disaster

Bearbehind Sun 16-Oct-16 17:08:19

pigs no one really knows what Brexit means, not least the government, which is the whole problem, but this thread is just to gauge feeling based on individuals understanding of the situation and where we are heading.

WingMirrorSpider Sun 16-Oct-16 17:08:50

A million percent no

<channels X factor judges>

someonestolemynick Sun 16-Oct-16 17:09:48

No, but I'm an evil immigrant.

Fwiw I was firmly in favour of Remain (but didn't have a vote) but always thought that in competent hands (like Jeremy Corbyn's) a Brexit could have worked.

Theresa May and the government she is heading seem just completely clueless. They're pissing off EU leaders and seem genuinely surprised that they're not throwing those fantastic deals at the UK. Except Boris Johnson who just comes across as completely delusional.

And breathe.angry

MooPointCowsOpinion Sun 16-Oct-16 17:10:26

Nope. sad

It's miserable, I try to pretend it's not happening to be able to make it through the day.

lummox Sun 16-Oct-16 17:10:39

No. Deeply scared.

PawWavingCat Sun 16-Oct-16 17:10:58

No <<repeat indefinitely>>

Furtyferret Sun 16-Oct-16 17:11:35


MirabelleTree Sun 16-Oct-16 17:11:44

No from me but I voted Remain. But to my surprise it's a no from my strongly pro Brexit Brother who didn't vote as lives abroad but thinks Teresa May is screwing up what he feels 'is a golden opportunity for the country'.

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