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to go to A&E

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Asseenoncream Sun 16-Oct-16 04:41:17

NC because I'm positive my friend has spotted me on here.
Right, there is quite the background to this but I'm in severe pain and holding a phone is quite the feat so I will do my best.

I have a long term illness which has landed me in hospital on several occasions over the last 5 years. I have chronic and immunosuppressive illnesses. In August I collapsed with extreme abdominal pains, I was taken to A&E from work with suspected appendicitis. After CT scans and laparoscopic surgery it was decided my appendix and ovaries aren't the issue but they couldn't come to a conclusion. I was sent home with pain killers and the promise of a follow up appointment. Subsequently I have been in continued similar pain, including passing out frequently. This evening I was very woozy and dizzy and my pain medication couldn't cut it. I spent a huge chunk of the evening griping my coffee table and trying to remember Hypnobirting techniques. The pain I am in is more severe than labour, I feel like I am being split in two. I went downstairs to occupy myself with some TV and remember distinctly turning everything off at 3am and closing up the house. Then at 4.06 I woke up on the stairs in agony. I feel like I am being stabbed through my groin. I made it upstairs and threw up. My DH is away on a stag night and I don't know what to do. I can't drive because of my medication and I'm scared I will collapse at the wheel and I would have to take the children.

I've just had to break off this message to throw up and bite my pillow in pain. I'm so upset that my DC might see me like this.

Having a chronic illness means I find myself at A&E on a regular basis and because I have various consultants caring for me they write me off as a time waster and talk to me like a cross between a 6 year old and a convict.

Should I go to A&E or do I wait until Monday when I can next see a doctor? We don't have a walk in service nearby.

I can't take this pain much longer but I am aware there are people in accidents who need to be attended to.

NewIdeasToday Sun 16-Oct-16 04:46:18

Of course you should go if you are in that much pain. And don't drive yourself - get a taxi. Best wishes.

Euphemia Sun 16-Oct-16 04:47:23

Can anyone come and sit with DC?

You need A&E - you're in no fit state to look after DC. You need to look after yourself! How old are DC?

Verticalvenetianblinds Sun 16-Oct-16 04:49:48

Personally id ring an ambulance, they can request a call back for you, but at least you can talk to someone and get some advice. Best thing is get someone to check you over and deal with moving children if you need to. good luck!

Asseenoncream Sun 16-Oct-16 04:52:05

I'm in my thirties but so broken down by my illness and constant pain that I second guess everything I do. I know most people would get up and just go but I've had such a bad reaction in A&E that I feel scared to go now. A few years ago I went in a wheelchair (which I am in a fortunate position not to need at the moment) and the doctor basically told me I wasting their time because I was clearly already under medical care. Since then I've been terrified of wasting resources.

Thank you for your replies. I have a friend 7 miles away but she has children of her own, one of whom is ill. I will phone a taxi, I think. I just hope A&E aren't mad I bring the DC

Temporaryname137 Sun 16-Oct-16 04:56:05

You poor thing. I had to go to a&e twice when pregnant and once when DD had her jabs and can assure you that other people had their children there whatever time of day.

If you're in that much pain, they need to sort it out for you, you can't live like this. Lots of luck.

themindbogglesallthetime Sun 16-Oct-16 04:57:05

I really hope you feel better soon. Definitely go to a&e. Is there another hospital close by you could go to other than the one you've been to before? flowers

OreoCat Sun 16-Oct-16 06:25:34

Regardless of the fact it is caused by a chronic condition, you need emergency treatment for the symptoms you are experiencing, so the doctor who saw you last time can sod off! Hope you are up there now, getting much better treatment than last time.

Feel better flowers

sykadelic Sun 16-Oct-16 07:51:40

I hope you get some answers OP

FrancisCrawford Sun 16-Oct-16 07:58:21

HCPs should be aware that people with chronic conditions can have medical emergencies too.

And this sounds like an emergency.

Get yourself off to A&E and good luck

mysistersimone Sun 16-Oct-16 08:05:13

Your needs most definitely require an ambulance! You poor thing. Keep us updated, the doc you saw was an arsehole.

When my son was in and out of A&E and a consultant told me there was nothing wrong I felt like a time waster. When he almost died and was diagnosed properly I wish I'd pushed so much harder for answers.

WiIdfire Sun 16-Oct-16 08:07:33

You'd be best off going, but with a specific 'need' or 'plan'. E.g. 'I have a chronic condition, I've had this pain before without a diagnosis, but it has flared up so I need help with pain management please'. Or, 'I've been investigated before, but this is different this time so I want to be reinvestigated'.

I used to work in A&E and it would baffle me that people turned up without having taken painkillers and then refusing tablets - Why had they come? Or they would come with a chronic problem and say 'I've seen a load of specialists over the last 10 years, I've tried all sorts of medications but nothing has worked, I'm fed up and want it sorted now.' What they expected me to do, I have no idea...
So, if you have a plan in mind, and tell them what you want them to do, then you should avoid the negative reactions.

FrameyMcFrame Sun 16-Oct-16 08:09:39

Op how are you this morning? Hope you've had medical assistance

Brocollili Sun 16-Oct-16 08:15:33

I hope you have the pain under control by now. Of course you need emergency care.

My dp has a chronic autoimmune disease and lately has been having mysterious very very strong chest and abdominal pains which are not explained by his current diagnosis and which have landed him in a&e.. Thankfully the paramedics and doctors gave always been lovely but it has still been a very frustrating experience.

Just wanted to say that I have some idea how you feel and send you flowers and brew and wish you the best of luck for getting it sorted soon x

Mooey89 Sun 16-Oct-16 08:23:50

When I had gallstones the pain was worse than labour. I couldn't sleep, couldn't eat, no pain killers would touch it.

I put off A&E.

Eventually my mum turned up and marched me down there.

A stone had blocked a bike duct, I had jaundice, my gallbladder had apparently fused to my liver... I was in hospital for 6 weeks including intensive care with sepsis.

What I'm getting at is, pain that bad is not normal, so go to hospital.

OneInEight Sun 16-Oct-16 08:28:08

Of course go to A & E. dh had recurrent bouts of similar pain earlier in the year. Turned out to be gallstones. Our GP dismisses him as being a hypochondriac but was admitted to hospital when we decided to bypass the GP and go straight to A & E when he was actually having an episode.

Spookle Sun 16-Oct-16 08:30:04

I hope you've managed to get some help OP.

Just a thought but have you had your gallbladder and pancreas checked out? Issues with either can cause crippling abdominal pain.

Spookle Sun 16-Oct-16 08:31:10

X post Mooey! And yes, my friend described gallbladder pain as being worse than her labour pains!

Stormwhale Sun 16-Oct-16 08:32:11

Op you poor poor thing. I live with chronic back pain and have presented at a&e before when I was screaming with pain. My tablets were not helping and I was desperate for some help. I know how much it hurts to be treated like you are wasting their time when you are at your limit and cannot cope.

I really hope you are getting some help right now, you can't carry on like this. All the best and please update if you feel able.

Jellybean83 Sun 16-Oct-16 08:36:25

Gosh you sound like me OP!

I'm always in hospital with my chronic illness (crohn's and all the surgeries that go with it) I do go to A&E often but luckily I'm always taken seriously because my stats are always a give away I'm not healthy at that particular moment. Last time I had a pain and symptoms like you're describing (same place as well) I spent 3 weeks in hospital with Sepsis.... so better to get it checked!

rainbowstardrops Sun 16-Oct-16 08:37:38

I think you needed an ambulance! You'd have been seen more quickly too.
Hope you managed to get some help and support and you're more comfortable now flowers

Openmindedmonkey Sun 16-Oct-16 08:40:25

How are you OP? flowers

Asseenoncream Mon 17-Oct-16 18:11:13

Thank you all for your help. I ended up on a medical assessment ward after a few hours in A&E and was discharged this afternoon. There seems to be some kind of issue with my liver and I have to see my GP this week to be admitted to a short sty unit. To be totally honest I'm totally out of it and unsure of full details, I really need to read my discharge notes but I just want to sleep.

Thank you for reassuring me the other night, I needed it.

NewIdeasToday Mon 17-Oct-16 18:55:04

Glad to hear you're home again now. Hope things go well now they're investigating.

Openmindedmonkey Tue 18-Oct-16 22:37:19

Great that you are home. Hope you had chance to rest properly & understand what's happening, now & going forward.

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