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To want another baby?

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MummyToOneGirl Fri 14-Oct-16 23:27:25

I have a much longed-for baby daughter following years of infertility due to damaged tubes, thanks to IVF. I unfortunately split up with my partner soon after becoming pregnant after the first successful round of IVF. I am so grateful to have my daughter. After having my daughter, I never thought I would want another child, after thinking for so long I could not have a child at all, but lately I have been longing so much for a second child. I am 40, with damaged tubes, and single, and so I know the chance of me having a second child are virtually non-existent. Please try to talk some sense to me to stop me having these deluded fantasies?

eggyface Fri 14-Oct-16 23:31:10

Have you got the money for Ivf, sperm donor, bringing up another child? Have you got any frozen embryos left? How was your response to the stims last time and how old were you? I don't think it's impossible to have another but you'll need to do a very clear-eyes assessment of the risks, costs and likelihood of it all happening.

JoJoSM2 Sat 15-Oct-16 00:13:52

I agree with eggyface

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