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why is my sister such a volatile bitch!!

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user1471125502 Fri 14-Oct-16 20:15:59

My niece stayed at her friends for the night she's 13. Her friend lives 45 min bus ride away from her home. I live over the road from her friend. Her mom, my sister knew that my niece was coming back home early the next morning. Anyway the next morning my niece is knocking my door she said moms gone to Drayton manner with her bf and her two younger brothers. She was disappointed and felt left out. She is only 13. She stayed at my house all day had dinner etc and her mom picked her up at around 6pm. Later in the week I spoke to my dad and told him what had happened. I said its a good job I was in she would of been stranded if id have gone out. As she couldn't go home because her mom wasn't In. Anyway a few days later I get a series of snotty texts from my sister accusing me of slagging her off, judging her parenting skills. I explained to her the truth but she wouldn't listen she completely over reacted and has now fallen out with me. Apparently I should of rang her when her daughter turned up at my house.i don't agree I think she knew her daughter was coming home on that morning and so she if anything should of rang me. She is very volatile and really quite a bitch although I do love her. She has brought silly things up from when we was younger which isn't really relative. She always speaks to me like crap. And hasn't got a nice word to say about me I have bent over backwards to help her out with her 4 children. But it is never enough my question is should I ring her or just except that we are not speaking I love my sister and hate falling out with anyone help advise me please dont no what to do

Sherlock35 Fri 14-Oct-16 21:04:09

Your sister knew her daughter was coming home but left to go out somewhere? And didn't bother to let her know? Or make alternative arrangements?

She's totally in the wrong. And she knows it. Just ignore her for a bit.

user1471125502 Fri 14-Oct-16 21:57:43

That's what I thought but she tends to twist things around thanks for the advice 😊

Damselindestress Fri 14-Oct-16 22:11:03

Sounds like she made a mistake and you did her a favour but she is feeling defensive and lashing out. You've done your best to explain the situation but she is getting more upset and bringing up stuff from the past so I'd leave it and give her space to calm down.

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