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To ask how you stop static shocks

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Bolognaise Fri 14-Oct-16 20:12:21

And are they dangerous when pregnant?

I am literally getting zapped EVERY time I touch a door handle or tap... My 4yo DS is scared to touch me because I "electric shock" him each time

What's causing this? It happens regardless of the clothing I wear

I have been wearing uggs though - could they be the cause? Having the rubber soles I thought was a good thing but perhaps they're not? confused

livingthegoodlife Fri 14-Oct-16 20:18:28

Don't know the answer but I suffered with static shocks all the time when pregnant! They've gone now and your post has just reminded me of how bad they were.

Bolognaise Fri 14-Oct-16 20:25:11

Your baby was unaffected though?

I'm still buzzing from the last one which was the biggest so far when running DS bath

livingthegoodlife Fri 14-Oct-16 20:59:56

Yes all three babies fine, I got the static shocks with every pregnancy. I thought I was a lone freak!

Shoppingwithmother Fri 14-Oct-16 21:11:49

Yes it is probably the Uggs. I get them all the time if I wear Crocs in our house and so does my husband - really painful ones. It is much worse as the weather gets colder as well.

blueyedboy Fri 14-Oct-16 22:30:10

I know!!!
Used to happen to me, but with research...
Moisturise your hands, arms, legs and feet.
Now only get the sickening zaps when my skin is really dry.
Good luck!

lalalalyra Fri 14-Oct-16 22:36:05

I give static shocks all the time. When I was little I was a nightmare in the trolley because I'd give people shocks as they passed (I thought it was funny to see the little blue spark - it didn't hurt me so until I was old enough to know it stung other people I found it hilarious).

I find fluffy boots, scarves or hood linings make it worse. Woolly gloves are a no-no; they make it so bad even I yelp with pain! No-one dares touch me in the supermarket - the fridges and freezers seem to make me way worse than normal. It was much worse when I was pregnant and went back to normal (for me) levels afterward.

QueenCuntyFlippers Fri 14-Oct-16 22:36:52

It's something to do with an arc forming between you and the bannister/ railing or whatever.

The electricity is trying to earth (via you) if you grab the railing properly (firmly) it'll discharge and you shouldn't get the shock.

Disclaimer: I don't know how I know this but it worked for me when my office chair used to zap me. If I touched the leg before hand I didn't get shocked.

PickAChew Fri 14-Oct-16 22:37:15

Don't wear rubber soled shoes.

Wallywobbles Fri 14-Oct-16 22:42:01

Cant use certain supermarket trolleys. It's the shoes you are wearing I think.

FurryLittleTwerp Fri 14-Oct-16 22:43:27

Agree about shoes. I used to wear shoes that reacted with certain carpets. I'm quite "electric" generally & tend to cause shocks & stop electrical things working a bit.

I work in healthcare.

Once, many many years ago, I caused an instantaneous erection in a young man (early 20s) because I zapped him when examining his groin. He ran away grin blush

Mrsbclinton Fri 14-Oct-16 22:47:17

I get them all the time, got one today off the self service till in tesco.

Drink plenty of water, supposed to reduce if your body is fully hydrated.

Had them when pregnant and eveything kids turned out ok.

rabbit12345 Fri 14-Oct-16 22:48:17

I get them too and it will be the uggs. I had to stop wearing mine and I cant go near shopping centres in this weather as I zap everything in sight. It got so bad last year while i was doing my xmas shopping that when i touched a lift button I made everyone jump with the spark.

The only thing I have found that works is for when I get out of the car. Holding on to the roof as I get out until both feet are on the floor grounds me so that I can then touch the door without getting zapped.

SomethingOnce Fri 14-Oct-16 23:32:42

I've conducted (see what I did there?) research into this very phenomenon through two pregnancies. Results show there is a static-stically (I'm on a roll!) significant increase in cuteness of babies of affected mothers, which is dose dependent.


Crabbitstick Fri 14-Oct-16 23:45:57

If you have clothes which are prone to static then putting a safety pin in the hem usually stops it - think it attracts the charge or something. Could you pop a pin in your boots? And any other clothing actually - like your coat, cardigans etc?

Bolognaise Sat 15-Oct-16 08:41:53

Oh thank you! I feel much better now knowing it's not just me - I will try the safety pin first as my feet get so cold I want uggs usually

Probably haven't been as hydrated and moisturised as I could either

TheVirginQueen Sat 15-Oct-16 08:43:22

Stop wearing Fly shoes!!

I used to feel tentative reaching out to open car doors, lift buttons, items in shops.

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