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To ask how you will deal with this situation? Mom-SIL drama

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NameChanged38a Fri 14-Oct-16 18:03:02

I live in a different country from my family.

My mother gave all my father's business and money (bank, insurance, etc) when he passed away to my younger brother, who was single at that time. She has always been a SAHW, but towards the end my dad had an illness so my mom took care of him until he passed away ten months after. Younger brother in turn supports my mom financially - from the family businesses.

Eventually he got married. Had kids.

My mom has a kind heart but really talks a lot of crap. Also I think she's jealous of the wife for taking away her "baby". He's always been her favourite.

Now the wife and my mom are in another one of their fights again. Mom swears she does not know why the wife blocked her on facebook.

She asked my I was blocked too. I said no. I don't pick a fight with any of them. I actually live a life away from them by choice. I know this is my mom's way of getting me to think badly of my sister-in-law.

Now she's saying she should start working already, etc. I think she's trying to get my pity. But I don't feel any pity to be honest. When I needed money to train further in my previous career, she did not help me -- and there was money. In fact, I was entitled to the family money. She also seems to detest my older brother so much - she beat him up as a child, and made his life a living hell as a teenager. He grew up to have anger issues, and had a failed first marriage - my mother had a part in that too in my opinion.

I'm pissed off. I don't want to be drag into this. I am making a life of my own away from them.

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