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Or is this discrimination?

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wheresmycake Fri 14-Oct-16 11:11:04

I got fed up with brushing hair out of my dd's face and decided to take her to the hairdressers for a trim (she gets upset when i do it and last time i hacked most of her fringe off trying to get it even). I tried a couple of hairdressersbut they wouldn't cut it without an appointment. Fine, i thought, if you don't want my money for something which should take less than 10 minutes I'll try the barber's down the road. They said they don't do girls' hair. Surely they can't refuse our custom because of gender? Its not like she even needed anything fancy which they don't have the skill for - I assume boys get their hair trimmed in the same way...

budgiegirl Fri 14-Oct-16 11:33:50

I tried a couple of hairdressersbut they wouldn't cut it without an appointment

Um, make an appointment then?

redcaryellowcar Fri 14-Oct-16 11:34:41


HeCantBeSerious Fri 14-Oct-16 11:34:58

They can refuse anything they like. They aren't a public service.

CMOTDibbler Fri 14-Oct-16 11:35:08

Most barbers don't do women/girls hair

wheresmycake Fri 14-Oct-16 11:35:10

I will next time but that wasn't the point of my post...

PigletWasPoohsFriend Fri 14-Oct-16 11:36:00

Of course it isn't discrimination.

AnchorDownDeepBreath Fri 14-Oct-16 11:36:59

I believe it's fine - my hairdresser only does women and I believe most barbers will only do men. I don't believe they have to serve both genders.

LurkingHusband Fri 14-Oct-16 11:37:16

Not a lawyer, but I have a memory that personal services - e.g. hairdressing - are exempt from discrimination laws.

Of course, if your DD was TG/TS/TV hmm ...

HeCantBeSerious Fri 14-Oct-16 11:38:17

It is discrimination but it's not unlawful discrimination.

LurkingHusband Fri 14-Oct-16 11:38:21

They can refuse anything they like. They aren't a public service.

That isn't the criteria. If they refused to serve a gay person, they'd be in the do-do ....

NapQueen Fri 14-Oct-16 11:39:25

Well I'd imagine if you want a boy style cut into your dd's hair then a barbers is a good shout. However they probably haven't trained in long hair and fringes seeing as one doesn't find them on many blokes.

Just make an appointment.

Catgirl83 Fri 14-Oct-16 11:39:41

Are you being serious or did I miss that this post was lighthearted?

NapQueen Fri 14-Oct-16 11:39:47

Also, I find this great invention called hair clips works wonders for hair in faces.

BarbarianMum Fri 14-Oct-16 11:40:53

Barbers are only trained to cut men's/boys styles. Hairdresser's training is far more extensive and covers a wider range of styles.
I used to be taken to the barber's as a little girl and I was given a short back and sides just as a boy would be. Is that what you want for your daughter? If so you are not being unreasonable but asking for a fringe to be trimmed sounds more hairdressery to me.

BeyondPolkadots Fri 14-Oct-16 11:40:57

Tell them she identifies as a boy? wink

BeyondPolkadots Fri 14-Oct-16 11:42:46

My hair is short back and sides, whereas my DSs have long hair. The one time DS1 had his cut at a barbers was not a success. So maybe they should specify they only cut short hair rather than only men/boys...? <wondering aloud>

BarbarianMum Fri 14-Oct-16 11:46:25

I don't think you'd have much luck getting a cute little pixie cut at a barbers either. They do what they do but that's all they do.

Kittykat1976 Fri 14-Oct-16 11:50:45

Sounds like someone is being a skinflint. Just book an appointment.

Arfarfanarf Fri 14-Oct-16 11:50:55

just make an appointment.

You remind me of my husband. grin He'd rather waste an entire day (or more) going round and round and round trying to find someone who will drop everything and service him right at the very second he decides he wants something, than actually make an appointment.

It baffles me. I can't understand it. It's just such a waste of time.

And people train to be hairdressers. Perhaps it is just a training issue. I'm not sure it counts as discrimination. I think the old style barbers really are just your basic choppers, tbh.

mouldycheesefan Fri 14-Oct-16 11:51:19

Surely everyone knows you need to make an appointment at a hair salon?

JosephineMaynard Fri 14-Oct-16 11:54:32

I thought that hairdressers / barbers were one of the few professions allowed to discriminate against customers on the grounds of their sex? So they're legally allowed to refuse to serve females if they specialise in doing male haircuts and vice versa?

JosephineMaynard Fri 14-Oct-16 11:56:45

Surely everyone knows you need to make an appointment at a hair salon?

There's a (unisex) hairdressing chain near me that has a policy of no appointments, just turn up and wait. Although I agree that's unusual.

2kids2dogsnosense Fri 14-Oct-16 11:59:17

Barbering (as opposed to hairdressing) requires specific qualifications and they can accept/decline clients if they like, if they feel it is not within their capability/skill.

I've had my hair cut at a barber's - but to be fair, I just went in and asked for them to shave it with the clippers on a number 2 cut. Nothing elaborate.

SansasEscape Fri 14-Oct-16 12:05:40

I think its a training issue too, well maybe. My brother is a hairdresser and he is often terrified of being accused of discrimination because he is only qualified and capable of cutting one type (think ethnicity) of hair.

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