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Flu vaccine, aibu?

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crystalballbroke Fri 14-Oct-16 09:54:28

Going round in circles here. Trying to get my 3 dc and myself vaccinated.

Our surgery is made up of 3 different practices. However I can't get the children booked in as they have no clinics yet. My youngest is 6, and was offered the nasal vaccine at school (due next week) - but I've been advised that he shouldn't have it as its a live vaccine and would need to be away from my dm and eldest ds for 2 weeks after.

I called one of the other surgeries and the receptionist has just told me off for declining youngest ds nasal vaccine, and said I could get into trouble!

So I can book myself in, but not my 3 children. Eldest ds splits his time 50/50 between my home and my ex. Ds's step mum has had 3 liver transplants and isn't at all strong immune wise, so we have to be extremely careful with her health.

I don't know what to do. I have anxiety and getting stressed with it all.

Aibu to think I shouldn't have to fight to get them vaccinated. Or am I being over anxious?

justgivemeamo Fri 14-Oct-16 09:59:40

I dont understand the advice you have been given. Why would he need to stay away from people?

I have just booked my 9 year old in for a private jab at a private clinic - it was £15, I had to get a nurse to phone me back with regards my other toddler to get her an earlier nasal spray - the earliest they could do was half term...I asked for a nurse to call me back and we arranged an earlier appt. perhaps try that>

I am sure with your family medical history if they KNOW this - they can try and accommodate you - but the receptionist are probably not who you need to talk too - ask for nurse to call you and explain.

Akire Fri 14-Oct-16 10:02:55

There is no need to stay away from anyone, think about it only younger child are given this so how would it work in all families or school playgrounds? If only you can get it and you 6y old you will still be doing a good job in protecting the others from flu, less germ carries!

pipsqueak25 Fri 14-Oct-16 10:03:57

the nasal flu vaccine is live but it is very weak you won't catch flu from it, the advice you were given was to protect dm due to her health, so it would be wise to take that. dc can keep in touch, online or phone ?

Morporkia Fri 14-Oct-16 10:14:08

YANBU. at all.
snotty doctors receptionists deserve a special place in hell. who the hell does she think she is telling you off? is she a doctor/prescribing nurse? no, didn't think so. harrrumph!
i'm having a similar issue..DH has chronic illness and is on immunosuppressants...he was given flu jab at his last blood test. DD & myself are registered at a different surgery. when i asked about getting the jab for us, we were told..perfectly healthy. go way. stop being 'nnoying...problem is, last year DH and I both caught flu from DD, who caught it from one of her college tutors. DH ended up having a MASSIVE flare up, and i wasn't able to care for him properly. i've been told that i can pay for it (£15 each) at surgery, which isn't an issue, BUT that we have to wait until they have their flu clinic...IN NOVEMBER.....tempted to just go get it done at asda...but paranoid it's substandard as they only charge a fiver....sigh....

crystalballbroke Fri 14-Oct-16 11:13:18

I've also been puzzled about this advice re nasal live vaccine. I've been told by more than one nurse that my dc should have the vaccine via an injection as they have close contact with my dm and eldest with my dm and his dsm. I've assumed that it's due to the conditions that dm/ds's dsm have.

Although in my experience receptionists and even the school immunisation people have had to check this, as I ask if it is still the case as my dc would prefer the nasal spray to an injection.

The initial advice when my eldest ds was younger was not to have the nasal flu vaccine, and this came from dsm's consultant at King's College. The nurses since then have mirrored this advice. But I'm surprised that it doesn't seem to be common knowledge, hence why I've queried it more then once.

I was upset when the receptionist told me off like I was some numb skull. That's why I feel like I'm going round in circles.

I spoke to a supermarket pharmacy that are doing vaccines and they said they won't vaccinate children.

I'm going to try and speak to the nurse directly.

crystalballbroke Fri 14-Oct-16 11:26:29

Thanks for the replies btw.
Morporkia, sorry that must have been extremely frustrating last year for your family. I hope you can avoid a repeat this year, I'd thing the vaccines at supermarkets must adhere to strict guidelines as can you imagine the fall out otherwise?

I've just done a Google search and found the following, that I've cut and copied from Oxford Vaccine group website:

As the nasal flu spray is a live vaccine, it should not be given to children or young people who are very severely immunosuppressed. Children who have been vaccinated with the nasal spray should avoid close contact with people who have very severely weakened immune systems (for example, people receiving chemotherapy or people who have just had an organ transplant) for about two weeks following vaccination. This is because there is a very small chance of passing the weakened vaccine virus on to them.

JellyBelli Fri 14-Oct-16 11:30:25

They are giving the vaccine at Asda pharmacy and oyu can get ift free if you are eligible.
Do it if you can. I'm fighting it at the moment. I have an hour or two of lucidity every day. But I have at least 2 bouts of flaking out and having hallucinations every day as well. Yesterday I was convinced I had to make everyone toast.
I'm sweating, freezing, have ground glass in my joints and feel nauseous.

crystalballbroke Fri 14-Oct-16 11:41:56

JellyBelli, I hope you feel better soonflowers

tinyterrors Fri 14-Oct-16 13:50:32

They don't have to stay away from everyone after the nasal flu vaccine, only those who are immunocompromised. My dcs had to stay away from my dm and mil when they were undergoing chemo / radiotherapy.

The vaccine from Asda or Boots will be the same one you get from the gp even though it's cheaper. I'd either get it from there, or if you're still not convinced get an appointment with a private gp practice.

GoodGirlGoneWrong Fri 14-Oct-16 14:01:00

Odd, my 2 had the nasel vaccine last week and we were told not to let them near immune compromised, and people who are having chemo, the nurse also advised avoid the elderly

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