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To worry about the 'friendships' my 3yr old forms?

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Macdaddylonglegs Thu 13-Oct-16 16:57:36

I'm sure I just need to get a grip but curious to know how others feel and what you'd do.

My DC has a "best friend" at nursery and we also see them lots of out of nursery too. When I watch them playing together my DC seems to get pushed around and hit quite a bit. We're quite strict with DC about hitting and pushing etc so my DC never hits back. I sometimes feel the other parents don't see the hitting and if they do, don't take it very seriously. Very gentle "oh be careful" sort of stuff. My DC often turns to me and says so and so hit me but I don't know how to act or what to say as surely it's the other parent's responsibility to discipline their child and I don't want to offend or tread on toes. But I also worry that my DC will get the message that it's OK for others to push them around. They'really only 3 so maybe I'm totally over-thinking this and it doesn't matter? Normally 3yr old stuff or should I try and step in and if so say what without offending? confused

BombayBonsai Thu 13-Oct-16 17:07:17

When very little I would remove DD from the other childs vicinity after an incident. As they got older I told DD to tell the child to stop (in front of the Mum, she still did nothing), have told her child off myself and eventually DD just didn't want to play with the child. Can't say I blame her.

paxillin Thu 13-Oct-16 17:12:03

If I am there when hitting happens, I tell the child off. Mine and others alike.

I wouldn't worry about friendships yet, 3 year olds don't have meaningful friendships. She's unlikely to even remember 90% of the stuff that happens this year. The remaining 10% will be Christmas, the nursery trip to the zoo and the slug she ate in May.

AmeliaJack Thu 13-Oct-16 18:32:39

See less of them outside nursery and develop other friendships.

Speak up about hitting to other Mum though, particularly if it is all one way.

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