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How am I supposed to do this?

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user1476140278 Thu 13-Oct-16 03:10:31

AIBU to think that I've arsed everything up? I've been part time freelancing for the past 10 years. Since I had my children.

Before that I had a variety of crappy jobs.

Now...I need to earn more money for various reasons and I want a part time job. Just something simple in a shop or cafe...but my CV!

All the managers at the places I worked 10 plus years ago have moved on...I look online at the place's websites and the staff is all different!

How on earth do I put "contact name and number" into application forms when they've fallen off the face of the earth and I can't discover where they are despite Googling!

If I used my freelance CV it wouldn't be relevant to the sort of positions I'm applying for.

I don't think the average cafe owner will care that I wrote the content for X website or had a short story published in X magazine will they?

I don't seem to be qualified for content writing positions in actual offices because I'm not a trained journalist and don't know all the corporate language they use or any of the computer programmes!


I suggested to DH that I start my own local cleaning business and he said "But you're shit at cleaning!"

Which is kind of true but not really. I think he just doesn't want me to be a cleaner. Yet he is just as keen as I am that I find a job!

We live in a semi rural area in Australia...I have managed to secure one social media management position which I do from home but it's only one day a week and I want to actually get out of the house.

My next plan is to casually ask in local cafes and shops...any advice would be very gratefully received.

wheresthel1ght Thu 13-Oct-16 04:21:23

Normal procedure is to reference the HR department so I could put out HR Manager in name and main switchboard number in the contact number bit

hoofwankingbunglecunt Thu 13-Oct-16 04:31:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GreatFuckability Thu 13-Oct-16 04:50:48

Absolutely go into shops and cafes and ask!

Balanced12 Thu 13-Oct-16 04:57:15

You could use character references instead?

Balanced12 Thu 13-Oct-16 04:58:09

As in use a couple of friends, you may need to stretch the truth to how they are aware of your work atributes

user1476140278 Thu 13-Oct-16 08:47:02

Thank you all very much. I feel a bit better now you've all been so sensible. Hoof I love it! grin

For some reason I keep getting teary about the whole escapade...I don't adjust well to change but know I really need to stretch myself. I don't get out enough and I'm getting a bit lazy!

WilliamHerschel Thu 13-Oct-16 08:55:01

If you worked for any chains/big name places see if they have a head office and an hr department there. And smaller places just pop in and ask. Good luck.

user1476140278 Thu 13-Oct-16 09:24:27

None were chains...they were quirky places in the main.

Weedsnseeds1 Fri 14-Oct-16 09:57:29

Could you see if you can find your referees on LinkedIn ?

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