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To avoid group exercise in case it is filmed and put on social media?

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PippaFawcett Wed 12-Oct-16 22:52:34

My FB is full of people keeping fit, which is great.

But why the incessant need for the instructors to photograph and film participants? I know they do it to promote themselves, but it completely puts me off joining boot camp/zumba or whatever it is they are doing.

Anyone else avoid group stuff based on this? Or is it just because I don't want anyone seeing fat and sweaty me exercising on social media?

ocelot7 Wed 12-Oct-16 23:09:22

You are using it as an excuse not to exercise! In all the yoga & other classes I've been to over many years there was filming - with permission from participants - at ONE! No excuse not to get active smile

mumofthemonsters808 Wed 12-Oct-16 23:10:35

I don't avoid group exercise because I really enjoy it, but I really hate being filmed, I'm mortified when I'm tagged in a film and cringe at the thought of my fbook friends watching. I console myself with the fact that they probably just scroll past, I don't even watch it, I enjoy the class, but I don't need to see myself in action, the studio mirrors alone are enough to cope with. However, it might be my imagination, but I'm sure after the posts (and they come from the instructor, not me) people start posting quotes about enjoying gin and not the gymn, that type of statement.Thankfully, the filming is only done when the numbers decrease and currently the class is full to bursting, long may this continue.

Kbear Wed 12-Oct-16 23:11:32

I've never been filmed in an exercise class and they certainly wouldn't do it without permission - get in there and get fit and don't worry about it - they can hardly do it secretly so you'd be able to object if someone tried to film

edwinbear Wed 12-Oct-16 23:11:38

I have never seen an instructor filming in my spin classes, possibly because it's dark. Or maybe try aqua aerobics, they won't be filming that!

Bumplovin Wed 12-Oct-16 23:14:25

Ive never been filmed in an exercise class and if you were they would have to ask your permission and you'd have to sign a form. My yoga teacher wants to take a photo for one of her assessors and we have all been prewarned and can choose to opt out if we wish. This is not a reason to avoid a gym in my opinion

Ifounddory Wed 12-Oct-16 23:19:57

They can't film in that environment without asking you and you have a right to refuse.

You can change your settings on FB so you get to pre-approve whether tagged photos of you appear on your timeline. Not that I'm terminally vain or anything blush

MorrisZapp Wed 12-Oct-16 23:29:06

I've heard some excuses for avoiding exercise in my time but this one's a first smile

Next week: I was going to eat vegetables but my friend slipped on a tomato skin and it's put me right off.

avamiah Wed 12-Oct-16 23:44:55

Its your choice who you are friends with on FB and if you are friends with one of the instructors who teach your Zumba class etc then they probably think your fine with them posting pics from the classes.
Because your a friend and it's no big deal because you follow them etc.
If it was me for example, going to their class and I wasn't a FB friend of theirs then they would have to ask my permission to post pictures/videos online with me in it.

megletthesecond Wed 12-Oct-16 23:52:49

I've only been filmed once in over a decade of gym classes. It was for an instructors assessment.

giraffesCantReachTheirToes Wed 12-Oct-16 23:54:48

Ask when booking if they plan on filming. ..if not then don't go

giraffesCantReachTheirToes Wed 12-Oct-16 23:55:15

Or the other way round...tired brain sorry

StrawberryMouse Wed 12-Oct-16 23:58:24

I hate this too, I don't want my photo taken when I'm all sweaty and gurning with effort. I run for a club so lots of group shots, race photos etc involved and there have been some shockers of me! I've just had to laugh really. But I dread them. grin

HelenaDove Thu 13-Oct-16 01:23:08

Why is it so hard for posters to believe that this happens when news outlets and programmes have been anonymously filming overweight people from the chest down for news stories on obesity for decades pre dating social media.

There was also a bunch of MRAs anonymously filming women to fat shame them on social media 3 years ago.

Not to mention the model who filmed another woman in the gym shower to body shame her just a few months ago. People have short memories it seems.

I used to be very overweight i no longer am but i excercise at home and only power walk in public.

PippaFawcett Thu 13-Oct-16 18:18:18

Mixed bag of responses. I do still exercise, but it has definitely put me off joining classes I would otherwise try.

I think they ought to ask permission, but I can imagine that they whip their mobiles out before you can object.

My Facebook settings are such that I have to approve posts, but it isn't just about my friends, I just want some privacy I suppose!

I know a lot of people don't mind these days but I still want to do some things that aren't documented on social media.

MillionToOneChances Thu 13-Oct-16 18:35:10

Just join the class but make your view clear to the instructor at the start.

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