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AIBU to be annoyed that i'm a taxi service?

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Emochild Wed 12-Oct-16 18:37:27

Dd goes to guides
Her friend wanted to come but her dad works shifts so couldn't guarantee he could take her -dd asked if I would give her a lift (not realising they meant every week) so I said fine

Dd plays rugby -same friend wants to join
I've said i'm happy to share the lifts as i'm not getting drawn in to being a taxi for her friend

Dd thinks i'm being very unreasonable as i'm going anyway and it's only a 5 minute detour

But the parents never say thanks, never offer petrol money which I would refuse but it's the principle and crucially never offer dd a lift -so if I can't take her to guides they don't go

Dad's car is on the drive 9/10 when I pick her up and always when I drop her off


DixieWishbone Wed 12-Oct-16 18:46:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Emochild Wed 12-Oct-16 18:48:06

Guides is 1.5 hours but fairly local

Rugby is an hour but half an hour drive so I sit in the club house keeping warm grin

MillionToOneChances Wed 12-Oct-16 18:49:13

If he's not always there to drop off, suggest you drop off every week and he picks up every week. If he declines simply say the current arrangement isn't working for you so you won't be continuing.

FlabulousChic Wed 12-Oct-16 18:50:54

Id contact them and say your take her but on the understanding you share the drive

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