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Massage oils on face

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TeenyW123 Wed 12-Oct-16 17:16:38

I'm on holiday in a hot and sunny country. I've just had a massage, aromatherapy in the adjoining spa. The lovely Balinese woman let me select the smell I liked best, mixed it up (wasn't watching though) and proceeded to gently fluff it around my face, concentrating around my eyes.

Within 20 seconds it felt a bit stingy. 40 secs very stingy. 60 secs and I complained as the burning sensation was painful and getting more intense. Masseur soaked a piece of cotton wool and dabbed my eyes, but it just wasn't alleviating the stinging, burning sensation. At this point I leapt from the bed and started dowsing my eyes in water at the sink. She fetched me a flannel and I carried on wiping. In the end I had to ask her (3 times as her English wasn't brilliant) to fetch me a refreshment flannel they kept in the fridge, which I was offered on arrival.

After 10 minutes all told, the burning sensation died down and I was able to continue with the massage. It rather spoiled it for me though.

At the end, the manager asked if I'd enjoyed it and I had to express my disappointment and concern that I wasn't offered the choice of having the oils slapped on my face. He seemed genuinely baffled that I had such a reaction to it, and intimated that I was the only one ever to do so.

I emphasised I wasn't complaining, but felt that the spa should be educated and offer people the choice whether to have it on the face or not. I've had many aromatherapies, and never, ever before was the oil rubbed into my face.

Any aromatherapy experts out there? Was this a normal thing to do? Or was it me? I would not have considered I was particularly sensitive to anything much.

VanillaSugarandChristmasSpice Wed 12-Oct-16 17:24:02

the spa should be educated


TeenyW123 Wed 12-Oct-16 21:57:31

Yes. Educated.

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