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Aibu to be annoyed with oh.

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jmh740 Tue 11-Oct-16 20:39:30

I'm a ta in a school I was on duty at lunch time today the head came out and reminded me there was first aid training 3.30-6.30 tonight I had totally forgotten. It was mentioned in July before we split up and I did write it down but as I said I'd forgotten. I frantically rang my mum to ask if she could pick my 2 children up from the school, mum had plans this afternoon so couldn't. I tried eldest ds who I know is off work today but no answer so I tried one of the other mums who sometimes helps me with pick ups, still couldn't find anyone to help. The head teacher had already told me everyone needed first aid training and the course was for the only 8 people in school who don't have it and she had paid a lot of money for everyone to attend, I'm only on a temporary contract as the child I work with is in year 6 so I will be hoping the head can find something else for me next year ( there will be 4 tas in the same position so don't want to put a foot wrong any little thing could be the reason I don't get another job) anyway as a last resort I rang oh to ask if he could finish work at 3 he works in an office I know it was short notice but he was the last resort he wasn't very happy but he did it. I've been getting the silent treatment since I got in at 7.30 ( shattered and hungry) he just said he's now got a whole afternoons work to catch up on and how stupid I was for forgetting. I know it's my fault but I think he is ott he even took the kids to maccy ds rather than cook for them, I've just got in and had to cook for myself make packed lunches and get uniforms ready for the morning. I understand he's cross and it was very last minute but it's not the end of the world? Finishing 2 hours earlier is not missing the whole afternoon.

CalleighDoodle Tue 11-Oct-16 20:41:33

Well, what would have happened if you had remembered? Would he have expected not to have been at all affected by it? Is child card just you job? Womans work?

roasted Tue 11-Oct-16 20:49:00

It largely depends on his job and his employer's attitude as to whether walking out of work on short notice was the end of the world or not.

hopelesslycynical Tue 11-Oct-16 20:54:18

He's acting like a child. Don't beat yourself up about it. Everyone has forgotten something at some point. Even him! Did he get into any trouble at work? Were they funny with him or something?

RiverTam Tue 11-Oct-16 20:54:21

Wow, he seems very unforgiving of a genuine mistake.

Soubriquet Tue 11-Oct-16 20:56:10

The McDonald's is not a problem

Least he fed them and didn't wait for you to come home and cook. So yabu there

But seriously. You made an honest mistake, tried your best to sort it and called him as a last resort. He needs to grow up. Yanbu here

OnceMoreIntoTheBleach Tue 11-Oct-16 20:56:52

You forgot, he did you a favour, he's pissed off. Maybe it was awkward for him to do that, and that's why he's pissed off. Because you forgot.

I think it's tit for tat, tbh. Apologise, and put it in the diary next time. Shit happens. You're not the first or last person to forget something like that, but it is annoying to be the one who has to pick up the slack.

If it's a one off, your OH is being a bit unfair to sulk.

tiredybear Tue 11-Oct-16 21:00:37

wow. isn't it meant to be a partnership? My OH would have been the first person I called, to help me come up with a solution.
YADNBU. He needs to grow up. Taking the kids to maccy d's isn't a big deal...but not having thought to get anything sorted for you, AND ignoring you, just seems...mean.
Maybe remind him you can now save his life in an emergency!!
Sorry you've had a tough day.

OnceMoreIntoTheBleach Tue 11-Oct-16 21:08:13

Sorry but I'd be annoyed if I had to leave work early at short notice for something that had been booked since July but forgotten about!

Yes shit happens, and it's a mistake anyone can make. But is still be pissed off. Yes it's a partnership but if one works school hours, you'd expect that person to handle out of school stuff if you work 9-5:30 and then don't.

If something needed to be arranged to cover after school, it should have been arranged ahead of time.

FeliciaJollygoodfellow Tue 11-Oct-16 21:09:02

You made a mistake meaning your husband has to make up work this evening.

Honestly I think it's out of order that people are piling on him saying he's childish. Not many people have jobs they can walk out of at a moment's notice, so you're lucky that he could. However that doesn't mean he hasn't had to reschedule things, maybe get out of the flow of working on something important only to have to drop it to collected the children.

No it's not the end of the world, but neither is a Happy Meal for tea and for some reason you're riled at that but don't think he has the right to be a bit annoyed at you.

And I assume if you'd remembered he could have put something in place earlier - afternoon of holiday or working from home. Or does working together as a family only actually work when one person gets to inconvenience the other with no sign of complaint?

SabineUndine Tue 11-Oct-16 21:11:28

TBH, where I work you aren't allowed to take leave without giving at least a day's notice.

FeliciaJollygoodfellow Tue 11-Oct-16 21:11:31

(He's wrong for continuing to sulk and for the silent treatment but tbh if DH had Maccies with the kids yes I would expect to get my own tea).

Be honest, did you have nothing to say about the McDonalds? Or did you berate him for taking the easy option?

jmh740 Tue 11-Oct-16 21:15:43

His boss is one of the school governors who often finishes work early to pick his dd up (she's in the same class as our dd) so I don't think it would have been a huge thing he works with ex offenders and addicts and he didn't have any clients this afternoon he won't have to make the time up he will just have to catch up with the work. This is not like me but I have a lot on my plate at the minute we both do, I'm not bothered about the maccy ds it was more a he hasn't had to do anything with the children after he picked them up, he's gone to bed now hopefully I'll be forgiven in the morning.

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