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To go nuts with school?

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BiddyPop Tue 11-Oct-16 17:30:59

Not really but I need advice on handling something in a hurry.

A parent of a classmate of DD (y5) rang this afternoon to let me know of an incident where DD was targeted by a boy in a younger class at an after school activity today. Physically pushed down on the pitch and held, possibly kicked. Class mate was shocked by the event, and had pulled the assailant off with another class mate, both times it happened. Classmate is adamant that DD did not provoke this on either occasion.

First was dealt with by the supervisor but the second was as activity broke up.

DD usually gives as good as she gets but didn't react to this. Sounded like she was utterly shocked by it. But went to after school club, and I didn't get a phone call from either activity supervisor or after school club so presumably she is ok.

I will go to after school club on my way home, I've already arranged that - DD comes home alone since this school year started with no issues. But I want to know.

What should I be looking for or asking? It's not after school club who were supervising so I only want to know info and if DD was ok this afternoon later on.

But I think I will need to get on to activity supervisors tomorrow as well. And I have no idea what to say.

BiddyPop Tue 11-Oct-16 17:33:24

And how do I approach it with DD to find out, reassuring her that she isn't in trouble but yet get the truth?

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