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Wibu to go to the landlord about this minging shower?

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FedupofbeingtoldIcantusemyname Tue 11-Oct-16 09:56:29

I live in a rented property.

Our shower is cleaned regulary and used pretty much daily. Dp's work means he gets quite filthy so I scrub the shower with bleach to get it clean. However, despite this, the shower absolutely HUMS. It really really stinks and I don't know why!

I've tried putting plughole cleaners and stuff down there in case of a blockage of nasty stuff, no joy. I put bleach down the plughole, still smells. I've done literally everything I can think of on my part to try and get rid of the smell and it still really stinks. Like musty, mouldy, damp stagnant water kind of smell.

Wibu to go to the landlord and try to get him to sort it? Is it his problem or mine? What else can I try!!

ImSoTakei Tue 11-Oct-16 09:59:01

Have you tried baking powder and white vinegar?
My bathroom sink gets like this.

SheldonsSpot Tue 11-Oct-16 09:59:36

Sounds like there might be damp behind the tiles or perhaps the shower tray is leaking so the floorboards are damp.

Any signs of water on the ceiling in the room underneath?

M0nstersinthecl0set Tue 11-Oct-16 10:03:14

I'd assume the grouting is cracking / sealant needs replacing - allowing water to build up. Contact the landlord, ask how old / when it was last replaced as you're concerned about the fusty smell and don't want fixtures ruined by water damaged.
Check for any yellowing or separation of plasterboard on ceilings underneath.

specialsubject Tue 11-Oct-16 10:09:08

Yes, contact the landlord, explain what you have done so far. Does sound like a leak and he needs to know.

YelloDraw Tue 11-Oct-16 10:21:16

Yup contact landlord - they should want to investigate as if there is any leak the damage will be more the longer it is left.

dowhatnow Tue 11-Oct-16 10:36:26

Any decent landlord should investigate. Lets hope yours is a decent one.

FedupofbeingtoldIcantusemyname Tue 11-Oct-16 11:20:31

We live in a property where there is no room underneath, so no leaking, the shower is on the ground floor and its all plastic so no tiles or grouting. The plastic shower tray is all build in to the shower in one unit if you see what I mean.

FedupofbeingtoldIcantusemyname Tue 11-Oct-16 12:23:29

Takei, yes I've tried this. Didn't help unfortunately sad

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