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To feel like it IS the end of the world - Brexit

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lottieandmia Mon 10-Oct-16 18:47:05

Every day I feel more anxious about what's going on right now - employers and schools having to declare how many people were not born in the U.K.

I feel as if this is only the beginning. I have a very severely disabled child and I am scared her rights will be taken away.

Every day I'm on the edge of tears. I desperately didn't want this to happen and I so shocked at how it has all played out sad

KathArtic Mon 10-Oct-16 18:49:48

er... I think this has been done hmm

user1471446905 Mon 10-Oct-16 18:50:51

Firstly employers will not be having to declare that info, secondly the school census has nothing to do with brexit, so no need to wind yourself up.

Not sure what your concerns are around disability re brexit seems you are being rather alarmist.

lottieandmia Mon 10-Oct-16 18:51:39

Yes I know it will have been done. Thanks for the empathy Katy - I'm guessing you don't have a disabled child to worry about into adulthood angry

lottieandmia Mon 10-Oct-16 18:53:02

I think maybe I need to delete Facebook. Every time I log in one of my friends has posted that 'first they came for the Jews' etc poem and stuff like this.

anniroc Mon 10-Oct-16 18:53:29

You have my sympathies OP. I worry about the future, I worry about my childrens' future. YANBU.

Katinkka Mon 10-Oct-16 18:54:45

Get a grip and I have three disabled children.

lottieandmia Mon 10-Oct-16 18:55:52

Katin - good for you. My daughter will never live independently.

lottieandmia Mon 10-Oct-16 18:56:34

I don't know why I bother with mumsnet any more -people are just nasty.

Katinkka Mon 10-Oct-16 18:56:45

Neither will my oldest. I still think you're over reacting.

KathArtic Mon 10-Oct-16 18:57:00

I'm registered disabled. Benefits and rights aren't going to disappear overnight.

anniroc Mon 10-Oct-16 18:57:22

I can't believe the comments on here!

VikingVolva Mon 10-Oct-16 18:57:23

I think she meant that you might find the earlier threads informative.

Employers don!5 have to provide this info.

The requirements for this year's school census were published 3 months before the referendum.

Disability issues are also wholly separate, though I can see why they'd be a concern under any administration.

lottieandmia Mon 10-Oct-16 18:57:52

Are you not concerned about TM being PM? She has wanted to get rid of the human rights act for years before this.

Olympiathequeen Mon 10-Oct-16 18:59:33

For heavens sake. The world will go on. I seriously can't believe the overreaction I read.

They've (rightly) dropped the employer thing anyway.

I agree it would be great if we could have an idea what the government intend, but they can't very well explain their strategy prior to the real negotiations.

The uncertainty isn't good for anyone's peace of mind or the economy but people who voted leave did so knowing this would be the outcome.

KathArtic Mon 10-Oct-16 19:02:27

Ultimately, non of us know how this will play out. There are other thing to 'worry' about - what will happened if Trump wins, and even worse...Corbyn.

We need to stay calm and rational.

ny20005 Mon 10-Oct-16 19:02:29

Come to Scotland OP smile

ilovesooty Mon 10-Oct-16 19:04:10

I like the touching faith that all leave voters knew what they were voting for.

I understand that the OP feels the way she does. I share her concerns about May.

Hillfarmer Mon 10-Oct-16 19:07:04

I'm with you OP. I get more and more depressed about it, not less.

gamerwidow Mon 10-Oct-16 19:16:53

OP if is important that we are vigilante and aware of any changes that might be brought in my the government and is part of brexit. However at this stage nothing has been proposed that will cause you immediate harm and even if anything is there's still time to protest and act before it's made law. I can see how anxious you are but I think this anxiety is out of all proportion to the threat at present. I would block some of the more extreme political posters who are given to hyperbole because I don't think they are helpful to you at the moment.

HermioneWeasley Mon 10-Oct-16 19:17:48

Didn't Theresa May block the extradition of Gary McKinnon?

There's another thread likening the UK now to Germany in the 1930s and by extension, May to Hitler.

Seems a tad OTT to me

Mellifera Mon 10-Oct-16 19:21:17

I'm also with you, the more time goes by, the more like it seems to me I will return to our 'home country' (in West Europe). We came to the UK 12 years ago and found London a fabulous place to live.
Now I think we'll make a long term decision to move back, our skills (and taxes) are most welcome anywhere, our kids can study for free. I've even enquired how to get my bees out of the country ffs.
It's just heartbreaking - and we didn't see it coming.

SexTrainGlue Mon 10-Oct-16 19:24:04

I suppose leave voters knew what leave "meant" with as much certainly as remainers knew what policies the EU would unveil in the next 5/10+ years.

Crystal balls all round please!

W8woman Mon 10-Oct-16 19:28:55


People in the higher and top rate tax brackets support globalism and will follow the money and the opportunities out of this country. We have portable skills and choices which are not available to the less well educated and less well paid.

The reduced tax revenue, a shrinking economy, and the catastrophic fall in sterling (which is going to make food very, very expensive) are going to make life very uncomfortable for the people who stay in this country.

The only way to make the money go further is to decimate the welfare state and the NHS. I bet euthanasia becomes legal before 2025, because there's no way we'll have the money to train or pay enough UK-citizen doctors.

Brexit is the last gasp of the dying Empire. YANBU to fear dangerous, disastrous times for the poor and vulnerable.

Toadinthehole Mon 10-Oct-16 19:31:20

I'm pro-brexit but I have to say that I think the gvt is behaving very strangely. Why on earth did they even suggest employers provide this information? It's a bit control-freaky. And then they said that all EU migrants had to be allowed to stay. I don't know whose advising them. And there was going to be access to the single market, and now it's going to be a good hard Brexit. I am starting to wonder if they really know what they are doing.

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