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To ask if you've ever been upgraded on a flight?

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VladmirsPoutine Sun 09-Oct-16 11:29:46

Read an article about a man that rented some sort of very expensive watch and basically went from being ignored to being revered - I presume a lot of hyperbole was used the article.

But that said I used to fly quite a lot for work and always looked professional and well presented. Nothing out of the ordinary trouser suit sort of thing but I've never been upgraded or offered free champagne in a hotel bar.

Has everyone else basically been flying first class because they had swishy hair? grin

RelationshipAdvicePlease Sun 09-Oct-16 11:32:08

My husband and I used to regularly get upgraded because there were only two of us, we flew a lot with the same airline and once we were on honeymoon.

Since kids? Never!

Mouikey Sun 09-Oct-16 11:32:24

I've only been upgraded once because I had extra leg room seats on a long haul flight and a very all man was cramped at the back of the plane. I got upgraded and he got my seat! It was lovely, but I didn't look particularly well presented as I was on my way to Oz and was comfy rather than dressed up!

kimnews Sun 09-Oct-16 11:45:14

Yes a few years ago flying to Vegas, I was 23 and was travelling with my brother who was 18. No idea how it happened, when we checked in we weren't given seats and were told to wait until our names were called at boarding. We were still sat waiting when everyone else had boarded, and when they finally called us on they told us to go left instead of right grin. It was amazing!

MrsHathaway Sun 09-Oct-16 11:48:17

DH gets upgraded relatively often.

1. He has good frequent flyer status and you get guaranteed upgrades at a certain level.

2. He always flies dressed smartly - eg shirt (links not buttons at the cuff) and chinos - so he doesn't look like a scruff.

3. He's tall so has to fly minimum Premium on long flights anyway.

Love the bump up freebies - still wears the BA First pyjamas grin

Seahawk80 Sun 09-Oct-16 11:54:19

Airlines will upgrade if they're overbooked. They will only upgrade one cabin so for example you won't go from economy to first (although I'm sure there are exceptions). They look for frequent flyers first. They don't upgrade children. it isn't to do with how you are dressed and they won't upgrade people unless they need to. Which is fair enough given how much extra people pay to fly in a premium cabin. I do occasionally get an upgrade through work, and it is amazing grin

phillipp Sun 09-Oct-16 11:54:33

I have had a few. But only when travelling with one friend. He has a wonderful air about him and is always immaculately dressed. I have never seen him out of a suit.

He just a lovely person, everyone likes him as soon as they meet him.

He gets upgraded a lot, it's one of the reasons me and dh love travelling with him. grin

Misssss Sun 09-Oct-16 11:57:38

All the time, but my best friend works for the airline I fly long haul with. My partner's company also use the same airline so we have hundreds of thousands of miles which helps.

I think the thing about the watch is crap journalism. My fancy watch is a Hublot and I don't think it's ever noticed. If someone was wearing a mega expensive watch but sat in economy with no miles to their name, then even if the watch was actually noticed people will assume it's fake. Likewise people who actually dress up for flying are showing themselves as people who don't fly often. Comfort is key on long haul.

HuffaLump2016 Sun 09-Oct-16 11:57:42

Yes, I've been upgraded lots when flying for business. What I was wearing never seemed to matter at all but my frequent flier status did! Whenever economy is overbooked they bump up according status.

Rhubardandcustard Sun 09-Oct-16 11:58:24

Yes on my first ever time on a plane! Me and some friends were flying to New York and just were picked out and asked if we would give up our seats as a family wanted to sit together and we were upgraded to Ambassador class! One and only time, can only afford economy but I still remember it well. We were only 17 and were wearing jeans etc so have always wondered why we were picked over others.

AlbertaDewdrop Sun 09-Oct-16 11:58:47

All the time but based on airline status not dress. I fly 1st class with BA a bit and often people are really scruffy so dress doesn't matter.

Most upgrades happen long before they even see you and with on line checkin and bag drop most passengers first see the airline staff at the gate.

I would say that chatting to the lounge staff as you enter and being nice has helped on occasion. A few times upgrades have happened in the lounge.

BA upgraded me when they tore my passport

Misssss Sun 09-Oct-16 11:59:21

And YY to being a solo traveller, being the first or last at check in and it's normally because they've overbooked.

fakenamefornow Sun 09-Oct-16 12:05:44

Once on long haul when my tray table was broken and the flight was full, had to eat an economy meal though. Another time on a short flight. We were booked on a later flight with a long haul connection, the later flight was delayed so they put us on the earlier flight so we wouldn't miss the connection and the only seats available were first class. Was scruffy both times.

I have legitimately flown first class before as well and don't really know what the big deal is, I'm as happy in economy but then I'm only 5ft 3.

MrsHathaway Sun 09-Oct-16 12:08:43

Interesting re clothing. Maybe DH doesn't need to bother. Tbh he wears his chinos because they have hidden elastic in the waist and are a good cotton weight (often flies to Oman or California) rather than for style reasons.

Airlines will rank potential upgrades based on frequent flyer miles and similar quantifiable factors, then if there's six seats available they'll bump the top six on the list.

Agree with pps about flying alone and behaving nicely.

MrsHathaway Sun 09-Oct-16 12:14:01

For DH the main benefit us that he can sleep properly. Flat bed (First) or significant recline (Business) are far better for an actual sleep, and you get fed first so you can settle down sooner.

In fact, you can use the First class lounge for a proper dinner before even boarding, so you can go to sleep as soon as the seat belt signs go off.

When he travels for business he always has to hit the ground running. A proper sleep on the plane lets him do that, and reduces jet lag.

I can sleep anywhere cat in a previous life but he needs to be lying down.

TurnipCake Sun 09-Oct-16 12:14:42


First time because I was a medic available to help a sick passenger on board, I got upgraded to business for the second leg of the flight

Recently, not sure why but I think it's because I was first at check-in, travelling alone on an overbooked flight, and fly a lot with my OH who has Silver membership with that airline

Andrewofgg Sun 09-Oct-16 12:14:59

Twice. Business to First. Once when Business was overbooked and I was the first to check in.

And once when Business was overbooked, I had Platinum status, and just before the doors closed the cabin crew ordered me Seat A1, now, get your flight bag later, GO! and I did not argue!

InformalRoman Sun 09-Oct-16 12:16:27

They do upgrade children - we got bumped up from cattle class to premium economy coming back from a family holiday, but only because DH was a frequent flyer and flew most weeks with the airline.

eurochick Sun 09-Oct-16 12:16:32

Twice. Once from economy to premium and once from premium to biz. Both times because people near me were being difficult about seating, no doubt angling for an upgrade themselves. Both times I was a solo traveller and both times I was a member of the frequent flier programme (and on the second occasion had a shed load of points).

flumposie Sun 09-Oct-16 12:23:17

Once flying to Dubai with my mum who was in her late sixties. Probably chose us as they thought we wouldn't drink too much champagne. Great experience.

Mistoffelees Sun 09-Oct-16 12:28:11

DH and I got upgraded on the second leg of a long haul flight from economy to business, no idea why, we weren't first or last in the queue dressed in Primark clothes and not frequent fliers, we weren't going to argue though, it was amazing!

Lunar1 Sun 09-Oct-16 12:32:21

We were upgraded to first class once on the return journey after helping the cabin Crew with an emergency on the way out. It was a lovely surprise when we got to the check in desk.

TonaldDrump Sun 09-Oct-16 12:33:48

I got upgraded from business to first on a flight to Bangkok. I was dressed as a total scruff and they'd decided who to upgrade beforehand. I was only informed at the gate when boarding and asked if j minded smile

TonaldDrump Sun 09-Oct-16 12:36:57

And poor dh was downgraded once from premium to economy. He was most peeved!

SinglePringle Sun 09-Oct-16 12:40:32

Yes a couple of times. Once on a 13hr flight which was bloody fabulous! I was sympathetic to an overworked Check In guy and them later found a gold bracelet on the ground and asked him where lost property should be taken. That's the only reason I can think of on that flight. Was dressed for comfort so it certainly wasn't that!

Second time was a free flight as part of an event I organised. We all got upgraded on Ethiad and it was bloody amazing!

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