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To strap a giant unicorn to the roof of my car

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Mimicat44 Sun 09-Oct-16 11:24:51

I bought this for DD for Christmas and it is huge as you can see from the picture. I've just found out we're now spending Christmas at my brother's, 200 miles away. I've got a tiny old fiesta. Can I attach it to the roof with straps? My friend attaches a surfboard to his in a similar manner so it seems reasonable... Or are there regulations that I'm unaware of and would be flouting? I really want her to have it on Christmas Day.

AndShesGone Sun 09-Oct-16 11:27:35

It would fit in the boot though?

I wouldn't attach anything without a proper roof box. Remember if you're driving north it rains grin - it would need to be seriously well wrapped not to get rained on.

LetsJunglyJumpToIt Sun 09-Oct-16 11:28:49

Will it not roll up or go in one of those vac pac bags?

WankersHacksandThieves Sun 09-Oct-16 11:29:18

Don't underestimate the drag that'll have on your car if it's on the roof. I don't think there is any reason not to as long as it is properly secured. You'd also have to stop regularly to check on it. Plus you'd use a lot more petrol. Could you get it couriered? You'd still have to get it home though....

How old is she?

WatchingFromTheWings Sun 09-Oct-16 11:31:27

I remember buying a humongous cuddly gorilla for my daughter one year. Had to drive it home seatbelted into the back seat. Got a few funny looks for that!

If she has other presents could she not open it before you go and leave it at home. Or have it waiting for her return 'silly Santa took it to the wrong address!'??

WankersHacksandThieves Sun 09-Oct-16 11:31:44

If she's young enough just have have Christmas day at home before you go even if that's the 24th or 23rd. Then she can get it again when she is home. I'm sure she will have plenty of more portable gifts to take/ have while she is there.

MollyRedskirts Sun 09-Oct-16 11:32:25

I'm assuming you'll have other luggage in the boot. I'd do it the other way around - unicorn in the boot with whatever else fits, then other luggage properly secured to a roof rack.

TheCraicDealer Sun 09-Oct-16 11:35:32

You could vacuum pack and post it maybe.... Or if your parents or anyone are going up as well then get them to bring it. Will there be no pre-Xmas visits where you could sneak it up in the boot before, or have your bro bring it back up with him? It's getting it home as well though with all the presents she'll have received- TBH I think I'd leave it on the bed for her to find when she got back along with a note from Santa saying that "Uni wanted to stay and look after your other toys until you came back from your uncle's house" or something.

My boss got one of his little girls one of these last year and she loves it, sleeps on it and all.

Saffronesque Sun 09-Oct-16 11:39:57

Sorry, no ideas that haven't already been voiced - but I loved your thread title smile

QuestionableMouse Sun 09-Oct-16 11:43:03

You'll have to make sure it's really well wrapped or it'll be filthy. (Think of all the crud in your car after a long drive.)

Could you rent a bigger car? I was looking recently and the prices are fairly reasonable.

Shockers Sun 09-Oct-16 11:44:25

FC could put clues in wrapped boxes as to where her mystical creature lies...

A few little unicorn-y things to accompany the clues too.

Make it into a game he's playing with her, then when she gets home... ta-da!

Funny old FC!

Mimicat44 Sun 09-Oct-16 11:55:30

Hmm yeah it seems the roof isn't such a good plan, I hasn't thought about the drag effect! I have got vac bags but I don't think it'll fit in one... I think it's best to leave it. She's a baby so won't know the difference, it was mainly going to be for the sake of the photos really but it's not worth the hassle I don't think. Actually she's too young to appreciate the unicorn, it's completely for my benefit grin I'm sure she'll love it as she gets older though!

Wordsaremything Sun 09-Oct-16 12:07:15

Nice try OP! grin

KC225 Sun 09-Oct-16 12:10:23

I should love to be driving behind the giant unicorn strapped to your roof, the kids would love it too.

acasualobserver Sun 09-Oct-16 13:31:40

Just let the unicorn drive.

Balletgirlmum Sun 09-Oct-16 13:34:50

Poor Robert!

liquidrevolution Sun 09-Oct-16 13:36:24

Can you take yours back to the shop and order another one online to be delivered up north?

GladAllOver Sun 09-Oct-16 13:38:54

Why not let the unicorn tow your car? It would save you a fortune on petrol.

CJCreggsGoldfish Sun 09-Oct-16 13:38:56

I think liquid has the best idea.

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