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To actually like some things at Bon Marche?

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breakfastbap Sun 09-Oct-16 10:13:36

I know that BM is practically a swear word over on style and beauty but whether I really am getting old in my taste or BM is aiming at slightly younger women but I'm finding myself liking some of their clothes. I'm 43 and consider myself quite young (in my head). Does anyone of my age group buy things from there? Am I sliding into little old lady Ship?

I quite liked this 😳

deathandtaxes123 Sun 09-Oct-16 11:04:56

YANBU I was looking at a dress in cos the other week that looks exactly like this!

JamieLannistersFuckButler Sun 09-Oct-16 14:01:07

Hey that is £20 and you can "style" it lots of ways for this winter.

I'm now getting towards the age that I assume Bon Marche are aiming at (50+), but have occasionally bought things there since my early 30s.

It's always worth a look in the cheaper shops, you do find the odd thing that's nice/nice enough for the price. I rather get a kick out of mixing items from shops like this with "better" stuff.

I used to have a black work jacket that I bought at Bon Marche, it was £25 and I wore it with the Jaeger/Hobbs/Department store smart stuff that used to buy for work. It didn't age well but then it was a bargain, so cost-per wear was good.

You won't get much in natural fibres, some of the clothes are rather nasty synthetics but some are worth looking twice at, especially when at a sale price ;-)

I wore a Bon Marche jacket/cardigan with Boden trousers to a wedding recently. I'll admit to snobbily removing the Bon Marche label from the jacket, but it didn't scream cheap, honestly.

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