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To ask advice about bepoke t-shirts for an event?

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sparklingorstill Sat 08-Oct-16 15:15:00

Hello. I'm organising a school event and I want around 10+ bespoke t-shirts for those of us running it so we can easily be picked out in the crowd. It's not a fundraising event, so my costs won't be covered. I'm happy to cover the cost myself if I can get them for around £5 each but the one place I've tried so far (here) comes out more like £14 each by the time they've added printing costs. They say they're guaranteed to be cheapest, and will match other prices, but it's not that easy to search for something cheaper when the prices are all so buried in the configuration details.

Any recommendations? I want something decent quality so they're nice to wear (my understanding is that it's the printing costs not the product costs that are the biggest driver of the price).

If £5 is unachievable?

The alternative is that I find a website where I can create the customisation and buy my own single t-shirt, then refer all the others to the same place so they can buy their own. I think that's what's on offer here, but I haven't worked out the details yet. I could do with some good advice from other mumsnetters.

AlpacaPicnic Sat 08-Oct-16 15:30:53

I think the problem will be wanting 'decent quality' and 'nice to wear' but only wanting to spend £5. The two ideas are in my mind at odds with each other. You can have nice or cheap.

Tshirts cost more than that. Unless you go to primark and then get some iron on stencils or fabric paints and make your own. And it seems like a lot of trouble to go to if they are only to be worn once, I were you thinking of reusing them at other events?

Could you think about some alternative... sashes maybe?

TeenAndTween Sat 08-Oct-16 15:33:00

Carolines T Shirts Southampton have always served us well for leavers T shirts. Under your price point, but we order more and collect ourselves.

WyfOfBathe Sat 08-Oct-16 15:38:20

It depends how bespoke you need them. You could just get something like this which isn't actually personalised for the event, but says "staff" in large letters so you should be identifiable and is only £5.99 each.

The alternative is that you buy cheap plain t-shirts and transfer paper, then you can print a design from your computer onto the transfer paper and iron it on to the tshirts.

ISpeakJive Sat 08-Oct-16 15:45:12

eBay? Not sure on quality though....

HereIAm20 Sat 08-Oct-16 17:02:15

Or have sashes made?

RetroImp Sat 08-Oct-16 17:09:37

If you want cheap than buy the T-shirts directly from a wholesaler. Decent quality shirts for example are Guildan Ringspun Ladyfit. They start from about £2.04 for one or about £1.90 for 20+ including VAT. Plus delivery. Then get a pack of T-shirt transfer paper, print off your designs and iron them on. The design/print isn't gonna last too long after a few washes though. For a small run of just a few T-shirts though you can't expect screen-printing for that sort of budget. No screen-printer would be happy to make up frames and expose them. I'd certainly tell you to do one lol

fastdaytears Sat 08-Oct-16 17:10:05

£5 isn't going to be easy for such a small print run. I think you might be able to do it for £10 though.

fastdaytears Sat 08-Oct-16 17:11:09

Yes as Retro says, you can do iron on. For one or two wears it will be ok, but doesn't look like the professional ones

SandyY2K Sat 08-Oct-16 17:14:00

A fiver is only achievable for large quantities. Great idea though.

WiddlinDiddlin Sat 08-Oct-16 17:14:26

Basically... what you want doesn't exist.

The tshirt itself costs more than a fiver - you could get that down IF you were buying in bulk, but by bulk I mean at least 100 and more like 500.

The print costs unless you are wanting JUST text, will be around £25 to set up the design on the computer and printer.

And then the person printing these tshirts is only doing this to make some profit, so add that on.

The tshirts I sell, even given there are mates-rates involved and theres no set up cost on the design work (because I make the design and exclusively use my friends company to make and distribute goods) cost £10 to me.

As others have suggested if you want cheap, forget about quality tshirts to start with - buy yourself cheap tshirts, transfer paper and whatever materials you need to either create and scan an image or produce one using a graphics program if you have one.

It is still likely to cost you more than £5 a tshirt though for the quantity you are producing.

RetroImp Sat 08-Oct-16 17:21:23

Another thing to consider is if you're opting for light/white T-shirts or dark/black ones. The latter tends to need more ink or even a second pass on a screen-printer so will cost more. Plus how many colours? Smaller screen-printers will charge at least £20-£30 per screen for each colour and then printing costs for each T-shirt. So for around 10 T-shirts that will work out quite dear. Sadly, a lot of people do not consider the work and costs involved when they want a professionally looking image. Another route are direct to garment printers but they are not as colour fast. Keep getting asked to print a 'few' T-shirts for events, often multi-coloured items that need colour separation and screens made up. A3 aluminum screens cost around £30. This is why I refuse. I'd upload my design on one of those online companies and get your friends to do the same. Least amount of hassle for you

CancelTheCheque Sat 08-Oct-16 17:23:04

You can usually get fruit of the loom tshirts on ebay for around £3 and the printable iron on transfers from crafty computer paper are decent. I've made event and personal shirts this way, they last a while if you iron them well but will wear much quicker than printed ones. Fine for one off events. I've also made sashes with iron on transfers on thick ribbon for a cheaper option.

Pineapplemilkshake Sat 08-Oct-16 17:23:30

What about a cheaper option but something that will still stand out on a crowd - e.g. red baseball cap or a cheap yellow tabard?

AuntJane Sat 08-Oct-16 18:13:22

Try a hi-vis waistcoat - useful after the event too.

BestZebbie Sat 08-Oct-16 18:16:31

You can get hi-vis jackets with your own words printed on the back (words only, same on all of them, limited choice of fonts) for around £5 each if you are buying 5 or more. Not perhaps as classy as the OP is imagining though....

Mrstumbletap Sat 08-Oct-16 18:42:13

Buy the t shirts from primary and buy transfer and do them yourself? I did that for my friends hen do, very personal.

Mrstumbletap Sat 08-Oct-16 18:42:53

Primark not primary

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